Oldbury and District Bowling League 2017
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2017 Registration numbers for Baggeridge

The results are from 2016

Over 60'sT 1Baggeridge AT 2Baggeridge B
No players 30Can PlayPlayedView
PlayerReg NoFemOverT1T2Results
Margaret Bayham   Results
Eileen Bennett   Results
Ben Bennington   Results
Elizabeth Bentley   Results
Bob Bradley   Results
Doug Bridgewater   Results
Hazel Bridgwater   Results
Ken Colesby   Results
Vic Green   Results
Joyce Guest   Results
Tony Jackson   Results
Roger Jones   Results
Micheal Leech   Results
Wendy Leech   Results
Mary Ley   Results
Steve Mansfield   Results
Alan Oakley   Results
Annette Parton   Results
Arthur Parton   Results
Gloria Richards   Results
Andrew Skidmore   Results
Barbara Skidmore   Results
Eunice Skidmore   Results
Barbara Smith   Results
Brian Smith   Results
Linda Smith   Results
Joyce Turton   Results
Sue Vaughan   Results
Stan Walters   Results
Lindon Westwood   Results