Mkt Drayton Seniors Bowling League 2017
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2017 Registration numbers for Adderley

The results are from 2016. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted

T 1Adderley AT 2Adderley BT 3Adderley C
No players 38PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2T3Results
Alan BoultonSH8804  17  Results
Eddie BrookesSH8134   18 Results
Donald CharlesworthSH10677    1Results
Robert ClareSH2158   1 Results
Ben ClarkSH7139   7 Results
Ruth CliffeLAD31926   14Results
Beryl CopeLAD2378    Results
Geryl CopeLAD2379   1Results
Rob CopeSH2161  18  Results
Derek CoxCH16346  115 Results
Margaret CoxLAD65318   14Results
Allan DavenportSH10230  18  Results
Peter EllisSH10446    12Results
Vicky EllisLAD53794   2Results
Wyn FordLAD2386  61Results
Phil GaddSH2167  18  Results
Joyce GriffithsLAD2389  18 Results
Don HalfpennySH12342    11Results
George HardySH2171    15Results
Alan HodgsonSH2172   151Results
Eve HollinsLAD64568 117 Results
Barry HughesSH1453  16  Results
Ann HuntbachLAD53793   10Results
Paul HuntbachSH2174    10Results
Wendy IckeLAD2139  214Results
Alan LockettSH1886  18  Results
Chris McDermottCH19566  18  Results
Lorna MoseleyLAD2394 116 Results
Steve PatersonSH13032    3Results
Maggie RocheLAD63644  41Results
Dave StretchSH2183  15  Results
Peter SuttonSH11017    3Results
Shirley SuttonLAD60016   2Results
Dorothy SwinnertonLAD2399  11Results
John SwinnertonSH2186   9 Results
Judy TarrantLAD65707   12Results
Bill TarrellSH2726   3  Results
June VernonLAD2404  15 Results