Kendal Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Abbot Hall

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




T 1Abbot Hall AT 2Abbot Hall B
No players 29PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2Results
Gordon AtkinsonCU4110   13Results
Colin BainesCU202  22 Results
Eleanor BellLAD60804    Results
Peter Blamire *CU4611   714Results
Ron ButlerCU5079   1 Results
Brian ClarkeCU4199     Results
Peter CoxonCU4843  1 Results
Alan DentCU4692    15Results
Richard Dickinson *CU4940  18Results
Trevor EdissCU3887     Results
Charlotte HampsonLAD50758    Results
Fred InghamCU5088   2 Results
Norman LobbCU2122  19 Results
Keith MyersCU4688  116Results
Liz MyersLAD68840   15Results
Denise NobleLAD18266   18Results
Richard NobleCU365    19Results
Colin ParkCU3904    Results
Robert ParsonsCU424  21 Results
Margaret PetcherLAD70121   14Results
Pat RailtonLAD35198   8Results
Geoff Robinson *CU4528   201Results
Irene ScarboroughLAD67485  1 Results
Martin Scarborough *CU426  201Results
John StricklandCU238   20 Results
Malcolm TattersallCU427  22 Results
Roy Taylor *CU4511   181Results
Terry WhiteCU4949    8Results
Richard WhyteCU4686   9Results