Furness Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Askam

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




No players 45PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2Results
Bill AskewCU3129     Results
Michael AskewCU0241   22 Results
Chris AtkinsonCU3584   231Results
Gary BleasdaleCU02781    5Results
Geoff CaineCU2583    20Results
Graham CassonCU4027     Results
Ian Clough *CU2580   21 Results
William CoatesCU4884   213Results
Stuart CurrieCU2441   123Results
Jim DelaneyCU3130     Results
Shaun FisherCU4790   13Results
Arthur FosterCU2881   23 Results
John HamiltonCU3831    24Results
Colin HaworthCU3000    22Results
Bill JinksCU2488     Results
Ian JonesCU1564   134Results
Jack JonsonCU4401     Results
John KirkMiisc578    19Results
Ron KitchinCU2306    24Results
Gareth KnowlesCU3555   241Results
Jack KnowlesCU3770   12Results
Kenny KnowlesCU2430   241Results
Lian KnowlesCU4513   161Results
Don LoganCU0989   20 Results
Norman MilburnCU2581   21 Results
Kevin NicholsonCU582     Results
Derek PorterCU3872    19Results
R ProctorCU3982    8Results
Owen RichardsCU3578    22Results
Peter RichardsCU2079    3Results
Andrew RiggCU3009   24 Results
Fraser RiggCU4430   122Results
Graham RiggCU0131   23 Results
Ken RiggCU3302    1Results
Kevin RiggCU3303    20Results
Peter SanreyCU4794     Results
Bill SearsCU00387   115Results
Kier ShephardCU4574     Results
Colin TaylorCU00121   23 Results
Ted TysonCU1509   1 Results
Barry WearingCU3725    Results
Barry WearingCU3725    Results
Richard WearingCU1511  25Results
Sid WearingCU2290   223Results
Dave WillacyCU4621     Results