Anglesey/Bangor Bowling League 2017

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2017 Registration numbers for Beaumaris

The results are from 2016. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




T 1Beaumaris AT 2Beaumaris B
No players 37PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2Results
Trevor AshendenWL 02594   7Results
Keith BaileyMS16658     Results
Brian BegleyWL 02595  10 Results
Alan CaughterWL13584  10 Results
Martin DavidsonWS19401   10Results
John Glyn DaviesWL16142     Results
Robin DaviesWL 02597   10Results
David EdwardsGM 01667   10Results
Dt EvansWL 01613    Results
Kevin FallowsWL 17387    9Results
Sheila GrahamWL13275    Results
Callum GravesWL 18625     Results
David GravesWL 13808    6Results
Adam HarrisWL 15347     Results
Barry HarrisWL 02598   9 Results
Tony HughesWL02600    10Results
Arfon JonesWL01342   10 Results
Hefin JonesWL 02601     Results
Dave MathiasWL 02604  5 Results
Mike OrmondWL 02605    Results
Geraint OwenWS15169    8Results
Daniel Owen(jm)WS19402    9Results
Allen ParryWS 14549    9Results
Ken ParryWL 02606  3 Results
William T RobertsWL02609    Results
Colin RutterWL 17802    Results
Andrew StanleyWL 02610   10 Results
Derek StanleyWL 02611  10 Results
Jake StanleyWL 17592   2 Results
Gwyn ThomasWS18507   7 Results
Ken ThomasWL 02613  10 Results
Stuart ThomasWS18508   4 Results
Mike WillardWS18476    Results
David B WilliamsWS 15344   2Results
Hefin WilliamsWL 18274    8Results
Martin Bobby WilliamsWS15345     Results
Tim WilliamsWL 02619   10 Results