Anglesey Bowling League 2017
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2017 Registration numbers for Academi Llanfair

The results are from 2016. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted

T 1Academi Llanfair
No players 22PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1Results
Sion Bell (JM)WS19751  14Results
John EvansWL01642   2Results
Charnjit Grewal (JM)LAD72553 18Results
Dion Hughes (JM)WS19748  15Results
Carwyn Hughes(JM)  7Results
Gethin Hughes(JM)  5Results
Dave JonesWL18859   22Results
Elfyn JonesWL16242   13Results
Cara Jones (JM)LAD66287 5Results
Joshua Jones (JM)WS19568  7Results
Mathew Jones (JM)WS19752  4Results
Elvis Laverty (JM)WS19743  9Results
Kian Mills (JM)WS19746  12Results
Cai Morgan (JM)WS19747  14Results
Phil OwenWL01620   3Results
Fflur Owen (JM)LAD72554 15Results
Hedd Owen (JM)WS19749  13Results
Kieran Owen (JM)WS19750  13Results
Cerys Parry  4Results
Gwynfor ParryWL18153   Results
Cai Thomas (JM)WS19744  13Results
Dei Thomas (JM)WS19745  12Results