Wirral Crown Green Bowling Association 2018

Secretary / Treasurer President Chairman Vice Chairman Competition Secretary
 Roy Cooke  Ted Sullivan Keith Etches   Peter Fishwick  Brian Hampson


The Association shall be known as the WIRRAL AND DISTRICT CROWN GREEN BOWLING ASSOCIATION and shall be open to all bona fide Bowling Associations, Leagues and Clubs in the area.

The objects of the Association shall be:
(a) To promote and govern Crown Green Bowling in the area. 
(b) To organise individual and inter club competitions. 
(c) To obtain uniformity in the game by adopting the laws of the B.C.G.B.A.

a) Associations and Leagues shall be admitted to membership by paying an Annual Fee of £6.00 which will permit direct representation with a vote at Annual and Special General Meetings. Applications for Association and League membership shall be in writing to the General Secretary, as, too, should applications for Club Membership. Such latter applications shall give the Name of the Club, the names of the Officers and the Situation of the Green. 

b) Any new Club application may be accepted up to and including January 31st in each year. The application shall be accompanied by a Deposit of £10.00 to be returned if not elected. If elected, the said sum to be the first Annual Subscription.

c) The said Annual Subscription shall be £10.00 with an additional £5.00 for each subsequent additional team. Such subscriptions shall be paid not later than January 31st and to be accompanied by all Club and Cup Competition Entry Fees.

d) A fine of £5.00, plus a further £1.00 for each week this amount remains unpaid, will be imposed on any club not complying with this rule. 

e) All contact from Clubs is to be made via the Club Secretary or a named representative.

f) Any club wishing to resign must do so in writing to the General Secretary on or before January 14th, otherwise fees for the ensuing season will become payable.

g) All member clubs are required to submit a list of all their players registered in any affiliated body for which a fee of 20p per registered player will be charged. Any player not so registered will not be permitted to take part in any event promoted by an affiliated body. Any subsequent registrations must also be submitted. (Note: this list is in addition to the list required by Cup Competition Rule 2 of players being registered to play in W&DCGBA cup competitions)

JUNIOR BOWLERS - Females up to the age of 18 years or under on December 31st of the previous year to be accepted as Junior Members provided they are members of clubs affiliated to Wirral & District CGBA and hold a BCGBA number making them eligible for selection in the Wirral Junior Parks Team

PUBLIC LIABILITY. All affiliated Associations, Leagues and Clubs must be covered for the ensuing year. This is a requirement of the BCGBA. The Secretary will verify that such cover is in force by all, and, if any affiliate is found not to have such cover, action will be taken which could lead to the immediate suspension of the offender from all bowling activities.

The Association shall be administered by a President, Chairman. Vice Chairman, General Secretary and Competition Secretary. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary and Competition Secretary to be elected annually.

A Management Committee shall be appointed to be known as ‘The Council’ and shall consist of the President, the Immediate Past President, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the General Secretary, the Competition Secretary, plus three officially appointed representatives from each Association and League. They shall be empowered to act on behalf of the Association as required with their decision to be final and no appeal will be considered. 

The Council shall, from its members, appoint Sub Committees as are deemed necessary.

Nominations for Honorary Vice Presidents and Honorary Life Members to be received in writing by the General Financial Secretary no later than 30th September of any year.

No Association, League or Club shall be retained in membership if it has not met its obligations for the previous year. Until any outstanding fees are paid, any club or individual transferring from one Association, League or Club to another, shall not be accepted for membership or registration, if satisfactory proof be given that he or they have not paid their fees to the club etc. with whom they were previously registered.

The greens of all directly affiliated clubs and of clubs affiliated through their Association or League, shall, if required, be placed at the disposal of the Association. Cup ties to have priority of claim over all other fixtures.

No individual club or organisation affiliated to the Association shall promote contests inviting entries from clubs within the Wirral area without the consent of the Association. Applications for permission to promote such contests, giving full details, must be made in writing to the General Secretary. No individual club shall promote contests inviting entries from outside the Wirral area, but within the confines of the Merseyside County, without first obtaining permission from the County authority. No individual club or organisation shall promote contests inviting entries from outside the Merseyside County area without first obtaining permission from the County authority and subsequently the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

If an enquiry is necessary, the Council shall have the power to request the production of any books, documents or evidence which they deem may be essential, and should any club or member decline to furnish such particulars, the Council shall have the power to suspend or expel the club or member as they may think necessary.

Applications for reinstatement by any suspended or expelled club or player with full particulars of the grounds for such application must be made in writing to the General Secretary. This will then be laid before the Council and considered on its merit.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held during November. The Annual Report and Accounts for the past season shall be presented and the election of all Officers and the Council shall also take place. Seven days notice shall be given of all General and Special General Meetings. Clubs not represented shall be fined £3.00.

Each directly affiliated club shall, at a General Meeting or Special General Meeting, be entitled to send two representatives who shall be entitled to vote (one representative - one vote). No individual shall act for more than one club. The Chairman shall have the right to order a vote by ballot if, at his discretion, he feels it necessary. Other eligible voters are:- All Officers, Honorary Vice Presidents, Honorary Vice Presidents nominated by clubs, Honorary Life Members and directly affiliated representatives from each Association or League.

Any Association, League or Club or the Management Committee may send a requisition to the General Secretary to call a Special General Meeting. Such a requisition shall state the nature of the business to be raised and this requisition shall be placed before the Council, who, if they deem it to be of sufficient importance, shall instruct the General Secretary to summon such a Special General Meeting, notices of which shall state the nature of the business. No other business will be transacted.

The General Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at all General and Council Meetings (including all Sub-Committee Meetings). The Competition Secretary will be responsible for the processing and running of all Association Competitions.

The funds of the Association shall be kept in a bank, approved by the Council, and all accounts paid by cheque and shall bear the signatures of any two of the following:- President, Chairman, Vice Chairman or General Secretary. No financial liabilities shall be incurred, or payments made, except under a specific or general authorisation from the Council. The General Secretary shall receive all monies belonging to the Association from whatever source derived, for which he shall be held responsible. He shall issue receipts on an official form for all such monies, and shall pay all liabilities of the Association as directed by the Council. He shall keep an Income and expenditure account and prepare the Annual Financial Statement immediately after September 30th each year. On retiring from office, he shall hand over to his successor, or the President or Chairman, all books after being audited as well as all papers and cash belonging to the Association which he may have in his possession.


Alterations or additions to the Rules, Bye-Laws or Competition Rules shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting in November each year or at a Special General Meeting. Any alterations for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to the General Secretary not later than September 30th. These shall be circulated to the affiliated organisations and shall be voted on at the AGM. Amendments to the suggested alterations will be accepted until October 31st. Any proposed alteration to the Rules, Bye-Laws or Competition Rules to be discussed at a Special General Meeting shall be circulated to affiliated organisations who shall have 30 days in which to suggest amendments after which the General Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting.

The Financial Year will end on September 30th and all accounts not settled by then will be deemed as outstanding. A fine of £5.00, plus a further £1.00 for each week an account remains unpaid, will be imposed on any member organisation not complying with this rule.

Intimidation of any Officials or Players either on or around the green will be treated very severely by the Council and could lead to the suspension of Club or player.

Any disciplinary/appeal action undertaken by the Association will be conducted by a sub-committee appointed by the Management Committee, as per rule 5, and will follow a set procedure as documented within the handbook. Should misconduct be proven, the appointed sub-committee shall have the power to impose suspensions from all or some of the competitions organised by the Association and/or its affiliated bodies, fines up to a maximum of £100, cautions and reprimands or any combination of such as it may deem appropriate. However, the Management Committee have the power to evoke an immediate suspension should circumstances warrant such drastic action.

The Code of Rules laid down by the Association shall be binding on all affiliated Associations, Leagues and clubs and Individual members. All disputed points shall be referred to the Council, whose decision shall be final. 

1. All Cup Competition entry fees shall be determined by the Council.


2. a) That each club intending to compete in any competition promoted, shall forward to the General Secretary, before March 15th of each year, the names of British Crown Green Bowling Association registered players together with their B.C.G.B.A Membership Numbers. The General Secretary shall keep a register of same.

b) Clubs taking part in second team competitions must include in their list at least TWELVE players, approved by the Council, who shall be deemed to be starred players and shall not be eligible to play in 'B' or 'C' team matches. Clubs with 'C' teams shall star an additional TWELVE players who shall not be eligible to play in any 'C' team matches. A fine of £5.00 will be imposed on clubs not complying with this rule. 

c) Additional registrations, with their BCGBA Registration Numbers, will be accepted at any time however all players must be registered before 1st July in order to be eligible to compete for their Club in the Semi-Final and Final in any Association cup competition. Any transgression of this rule will result in the game being awarded to their opponent.

d) No club will be allowed to play any person not so registered, under a penalty of £2.00 for each offence, and a reduction of all shots such a player may have scored. The opponent to be credited with 21 shots.


e) No player shall be allowed to register for more than one club.


f) Any club falsifying match sheets shall be fined £5.00 and a further fine of £10.00 will be made for a second offence. The club shall also be liable to suspension. 

g) Any member of a club, having been registered in these competitions and wishing to play for some other club during the following season, must notify the Secretary of his old club to that effect by December 31st in each year. Club Secretaries must forward details of all resignations to the General Secretary on the official form provided. Players named on this list will be accepted as having met all of their obligations. 

h) A registration fee of 65p shall be paid for each player registered. 


i) Clubs will be charged 20p (30p in the Sansom Cup) per player per match for each competition match played. Such monies to go to the Memento Accounts to be distributed at the end of the competitions as decided by the Council. 


3. Any club which does not desire to be drawn in the competitions shall give written notice before March 15th. Failure to comply with this rule leaves the club liable to competition fees


4. No club shall be allowed to register a player who has failed to fulfill all his obligations to any club affiliated to this or any other Association or League, and no club which has failed to fulfill its obligations to its own Association or League shall be eligible to take part in any competition organised by this or any other Association.


5. a) All Association Cup Competitions shall be under the control of the Council. Here again, decisions by the Council shall be final and appeals will not be considered. The said Committee shall decide the venue of every match played. In the earlier rounds, the club on whose green the match is played shall appoint a competent person to ensure that the green and facilities are open and all necessary equipment made available. Failure to carry out these requirements shall result in a fine of £10.00.


b) In all competition finals, a qualified referee shall be appointed. The referee’s decision on all points shall be final and he will also decide as to the condition of the green when there is no authorised person present (proprietor or groundsman). Measurers to be appointed by the respective captains.




d) Markers must be appointed by both sides and they must check their cards EVERY THREE ENDS. Clubs are reminded that, in finals, the WIRRAL ASSOCIATION DRESS CODE WILL APPLY (see Cup Competition Rule 17).


e) Clubs shall ensure that their match result is entered accurately on the Association's section of the Bowling Results website, in the correct playing order, within three days of the match being completed. Clubs shall retain all the match sheets for all of their teams until the end of the season in case of any query. In the event that a Club does not have internet access, the winning team shall forward the result sheet within three days (excluding Sundays / Bank Holidays), duly signed by both captains to the Competition Secretary. A fine of £5.00 will be imposed for each failure to carry out this rule. Where there are absentees these must be clearly shown as WALK OVER. The Council has the power to fine the clubs a £2.00 if the match information is not received in time for the next round draw. 


6. a) That the competing teams shall consist of TWELVE players a side, who shall be bona fide and registered players of their respective clubs, and of the British Crown Green Bowling Association, prior to the start of the competition.


b) SANSOM CUP ties will be played on a handicap basis and is open to all teams playing in the Birkenhead League 1st Division. Selected clubs cannot play in the STOTT CUP.


c) Teams who have played and were defeated in the Preliminary and first round in the STOTT, SANSOM and GRAHAM WHITE Cups to play in the FRANK HURST TROPHY event.


d) The DOCTOR DAWSON VICTORY CUP shall be played on a handicap basis and is open to all Wirral Association registered teams.


e) All Cups to be run on a handicap basis.


f) Matches shall commence at 6.15pm in April, August and September and at 6.30pm. in May, June and July. Saturday matches to commence at 2pm. In special circumstances, Council approval may be given to amended starting times.


7. Finalists in all Association Cup Competitions will be required to submit their respective teams IN ORDER OF PLAY immediately at the request of the General Secretary. Any player not available when called to the green, will be substituted and thereafter will not be allowed to participate in the match. Competing teams shall have equal number of leads with the jack, the captains to toss a coin at the commencement of the match. Each team competing in a final shall receive SIXTEEN programmes which will be charged to their account.


8. Any team not having sufficient players to keep the green fully occupied during a match shall, on the appeal of the opposing captain forfeit to the opposing side, the full number of points, viz. 21 for every player absent.


9. In the event of a tie between the competing clubs, the match shall be replayed in its entirety within seven days, on the same green, if available. Games to be 21 up.


10. a) No members of the competing clubs shall bowl on a green appointed between the date of arranging the match and the playing of the match, unless playing in an authorised match or competition. Any members of the clubs engaged in a match who shall bowl on a selected green between the day of selection and the date appointed, shall be disqualified from playing in the same match, unless he is a member of the club whose green is chosen.                        


b) No player to play for more than one team within their Club in the same round of the same competition. Any transgression of this rule will result in the game being awarded to their opponent in the second game played 21 - Nil.


11. The cups shall be the property of the Association and shall be held by the winners until 28 DAYS prior to the final tie in the following season, when they shall be returned to the General Secretary. The holders will be liable to replace the cups if they are lost, stolen or destroyed in any other way or rendered unfit or unsuitable for further use whilst in their possession or under their care provided, always, that if the loss or damage is recoverable under a policy of insurance to be taken out by the Association, and the premium paid by them, no liability shall rest with the holders.


12. Association fixtures have priority. In the event of cup ties or other association fixtures clashing with outside tournaments, the Association fixtures MUST NOT be postponed. This rule applies to all competitions within the confines of the Wirral and District C.G.B.A. 


13. All protests and acceptable appeals to be lodged with the General Secretary within three days of the subject matter arising, accompanied by a deposit of £10.00 which, if the protest or appeal is deemed to be frivolous, shall be forfeited and added to the funds of the Association.


14. Any matter not referred to in these rules shall be dealt with by the Council in conformity with its rules governing Crown Green Bowling.


15. When a player willfully breaks the laws of the game or is guilty of unfair play, ungentlemanly conduct, betting or gambling, the referee may caution the offender or order him to retire from the game and, where his match is being played, no substitute shall be allowed to take his place. The referee or other appointed officials shall have the power to cause to be removed, any person whose conduct is considered to be offensive and detrimental to the best interest of the game. Any gross breach of this rule shall be reported to the Council who shall have the power to expel the offender and debar him from taking part in any competition or business of the Association in future.


16. In cases of matches abandoned through weather or other unforeseen circumstances, all finished games shall stand and any partially finished games shall re-commence where left off, as regards scores. When a club wishes to concede a cup tie, they must notify the Competition Secretary, their opponents and the club of the green where the match was due to be played, at least 48 hours before the due starting time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of £10.00 and may lead to exclusion from the following year’s competition.


17. The Wirral dress code shall be strictly followed at Finals of Team Cup Competitions and at Final sessions of Individual Competitions on the Wirral organised by the Association.

Male bowlers                                                                                              

Trousers shall be full length, single coloured in black. Studs, rivets and zipped pockets are not allowed. Shell suits, tracksuits, denims or cargo pants are not allowed. Shirts shall be collared and sleeved, long or short.                                              

Female bowlers                                                                                                      

Trousers, tailored shorts, tailored cropped trousers or skirts shall be at least knee length and single coloured in black

Shirts shall be collared and sleeved, long or short.                                                

Male and female bowlers                                                                                        

Hard or block-heeled footwear must not be worn. No inappropriate use of wet weather clothing.

Nothing in the above rule shall prevent exceptions being made for individuals with a relevant disability.        




1. The rules of First Team Competitions shall apply with the additions hereafter provided.


2. No player who is nominated by his club to be an 'A' team starred player shall take part in this competition. No 'B' team starred player shall take part in any 'C' team match. Any club not complying with this rule shall be liable to a fine of £5.00 and shall forfeit all shots scored by such a player.


3. Preliminary and 1st Round losers to play in the Frank Hurst Trophy competition.




1. Entry shall be open to all bowlers registered with the Association on payment of entry fees which will be payable in advance. The entry fees for the various competitions will be made and approved (where necessary) by the Council. 
No entries will be accepted after the closing dates and times stated.
Scratch 15 minutes after published starting time.


2. All competitions shall be played on handicap, with the exception of the WIRRAL MERIT and the BERT ASHMAN DOUBLES which shall be scratch events. At the commencement of a qualifying round in the BERT ASHMAN DOUBLES one player only may be substituted by any registered player who has not already been drawn in the competition but thereafter further substitutions are not permitted. The Council or other appointed Sub Committees shall award and review handicaps within the guide lines as laid down at the commencement of every season.  
Any competitor playing on his own green shall have his handicap reduced by 2 (TWO) shots.


3. No competitor shall play on the green on which he is due to qualify once a draw has been published, unless in an authorised game, nor shall any qualifier play on the green chosen for the final rounds unless in an authorised game.


4. Any qualifier failing to appear on a Finals Day shall automatically be suspended from playing in any singles or doubles competition organised by, or approved by, the Association for a period of not less than twelve months, and forfeit the right to any prize due to him. The suspension shall commence after fourteen days from the date of the offence. Any player so suspended has the right of appeal, which must be made in writing, to the General Secretary within fourteen days. The name of the player so suspended shall be forwarded to the appropriate County Association and Leagues. Any player who does not stay until the completion of a finals day competition shall not receive their prize money, which will remain in the Association funds.



This disciplinary/appeal procedure will be followed when undertaking any disciplinary matter or when hearing an appeal on a disciplinary matter undertaken by an affiliated body. The procedure has been formulated by the Wirral & District Crown Green Bowling Association (the Association) partly using the “Guidelines for Disciplinary/Appeals Procedure” as displayed in the British Crown Green Bowling Association’s handbook and by the Association’s own requirements and considerations. Any disciplinary/appeal hearing conducted by the Association will adhere to the following procedure.

This procedure may be activated by:
a) A decision of the Association’s Management Committee (otherwise known as the Council) to lay a charge against any member club and/or any registered player(s) for an allegation of misconduct, intimidation, breach of the rules of the Association, etc. or in bringing the Association or the sport of crown green bowling on the Wirral into disrepute.

b) The receipt in writing of a formal complaint alleging a breach of the rules of the Association received from the Secretary of a member club (or in the case of his/her absence their designated deputy) for which the Association’s Management Committee deem there is a case to be answered. Any letter of complaint submitted must be accompanied by a deposit of £20 which may be forfeited in whole or part to the funds of the Association should the complainant lose the case and should the complaint then be deemed as frivolous.

c) An appeal made following disciplinary action undertaken by an affiliated body for which all relevant documentation pertaining to previous hearing(s) shall be retained and made available to the Association’s Management Committee. Such an appeal must be accompanied by a deposit of £20 which may be forfeited in whole or part to the funds of the Association should the complainant lose the case and should the complaint then be deemed as frivolous.

The Wirral & District Crown Green Bowling Association Disciplinary/Appeal procedure:
1. The Management Committee shall, in accordance with rule 5, appoint from its members a sub-committee, comprising of no less than three or more than five persons, to act as the Disciplinary or Appeal Committee, as appropriate, who should then deal with the matter to conclusion. In addition, a further person may be nominated to record the proceedings. No committee member connected with any club or player involved shall sit on the sub-committee. However, as the Management Committee is limited in number, an independent experienced official of an affiliated body may be recruited to serve on the sub-committee.

2. The sub-committee shall set a date for a hearing and any member club and/or registered player(s) involved shall be duly notified either by recorded delivery or by email, for which acknowledgement of receipt must be requested, and which must allow for a period of at least fourteen days between the receipt of such notification and the date of the hearing. The notification to the alleged offender(s) should also include a copy of the statement outlining the allegation and stating the time, date and place of hearing. If personal addresses of offender(s) are known notification should be to their personal address otherwise via their Club Secretary.

3. If an appeal is being heard then, in addition to the above, a representative(s) of the affiliated body who made the judgement will be afforded the opportunity to attend and/or submit a written statement(s). Where a representative(s) attends the hearing, they shall be called to present their evidence and advised that they may be subject to cross examination and recall.

4. Offenders, appellants, witnesses and representatives should only be present at the disciplinary or appeal at the time their evidence is being presented and will not be called into the hearing either before or after presenting their evidence unless specifically called for. There is no compunction on any individual to attend a hearing but if an alleged offender(s) is/are absent the matter will dealt with by the sub-committee on the information already before that committee.

5. Both complainants and alleged offenders shall be afforded the opportunity to submit their case and character. The sub-committee also has the right to call independent witnesses should it be deemed appropriate.

6. In the case of an appeal, new witnesses may be called and/or fresh evidence submitted at any point within the process of the appeal. In the event of either party wishing to introduce fresh evidence, the other party and the sub-committee shall be notified and furnished with a copy of such evidence prior to the hearing.

7. Prior to any hearing, copies of all pertinent documents and signed statements should be supplied to every member of the sub-committee.

8. Should misconduct be proven, the sub-committee shall have the power to impose a suspension on a member club and/or registered player(s) for any period as determined as appropriate from all or any specified competition organised by the Association including those, if felt necessary, organised by an affiliated body and/or impose any fines up to a maximum of £100, cautions, reprimands or any combinations of same as deemed appropriate.

9. The hearing will proceed as follows:
a) The sub-committee to meet in closed session to review main points of the case before them, familiarise themselves with the persons to appear before them and the order in which they are to appear.

b) Witnesses to be informed when called that they may be subject to cross examination and recall. Sub-committee members to note any points considered significant.

c) A short period to be allowed between witnesses in order that sub-committee members can interchange notes and views.

d) After all witnesses have been heard, any written statements to be read and accepted as evidence.

e) All the evidence given to be reviewed. In order to resolve anomalies it may be necessary to recall any witness for further cross examination.

f) A verdict must then be reached, preferably by consensus. If consensus is not achieved, the verdict to be decided by a majority decision. The major factors which decided the final decision to be agreed and recorded. This record is not to be published but to be held on file together with all the presented written evidence pending any possible appeal. In the case of an appeal hearing, the verdict will either be to uphold or dismiss the appeal but an adjustment to any punishment given may also be considered.

g) Any relevant antecedents and precedents are then to be considered which may affect the verdict reached.

h) The sub-committee to agree the exact wording of the statement to be delivered.

i) Where it is possible to announce the decision after the hearing, it should be given to all parties separately by the reading of the agreed statement, informing the appropriate party of their right to appeal within twenty one days to the Merseyside County Crown Green Bowling Association (MCCGBA).

j) Failing this, and in any event, within seven days after the hearing, the verdict to be forwarded in writing and sent by recorded delivery or by email (receipt to be requested) to all parties. The appropriate party must be informed of their right to appeal within twenty one days to the MCCGBA.

10. Should a verdict involve a period of suspension it shall commence twenty one days after the hearing unless an appeal has been lodged. If that appeal should subsequently fail, the suspension will commence twenty one days after that appeal hearing unless a further appeal is made to the next higher level of administration. This section may be disregarded should the sub-committee consider that the offence is serious enough to warrant an immediate suspension.

11. An appeal against any decision reached by the sub-committee or an affiliated body must not be heard by that body but referred to the next higher level of administration, e.g. decision taken by an affiliated body – referred to the Association; decision taken by a sub-committee of the Association – referred to MCCGBA: decision taken by MCCGBA – referred to BCGBA

12. All matters appertaining to this procedure should be undertaken as far as possible using the principal of what is commonly known as “Natural Justice”. This assumes that any person(s) is innocent until guilt beyond reasonable doubt is established. Therefore the benefit of any doubt must always be given to the alleged offender.

13. All correspondence undertaken will be via the Secretary of a member club (or in the case of his/her absence their designated deputy) or in the case of an alleged offender with him/her directly, with a copy to their Club Secretary, or via their Club Secretary if his/her address is not known

14. Members of the sub-committee must treat the matter under review with strict confidentiality at all times.

15. Any person involved in any matter being heard must not be approached before, during or after the hearing in any intimidating or abusive manner concerning matters under review. Failure to comply with this will be deemed serious and may evoke further consideration by the Association.