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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League


President: Peter Williams 2017 Chairman: George Edge
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
01948 661930


Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
01948 667378


Alison Hine
01948 880052


Competition Secretary
Phil Scott
01829 250365
Peter Lawrence



Tuesday 26 January 2016 – 7.30pm - at the AWC


1.            President’s Welcome.  The President, Peter Williams, welcomed everyone. 


2.            Minutes Silence.  A Minutes Silence was held in memory of those who had passed away during the year.


3.            Apologies. No apologies had been received.  


4.            Minutes of 2015 AGM and Matters Arising.  It was noted that Item 10 was incorrect: The Referees Membership fee had remained at £6.00.  With this correction the Minutes were agreed as a true record.


5.            President’s Annual Report. On behalf of the League, the President thanked our Sponsors, Stubbs, Parkin, South, and all those who had advertised in the handbook or on the webpage.  He then congratulated all the 2016 League Champions, Runners Up, League Competition winners and Runners Up and commiserated with all those not so successful, particularly those teams who had proved to be the strongest in their divisions by holding everyone else up.  He particularly congratulated Phil Scott who had been a busy County Deputy President, now with an even busier year to come.  On behalf of the League he thanked all the League Officials for their contribution to the smooth running of the League and also anyone else who had helped in any way.  He ended by trusting that the Whitchurch League would be as competitive and friendly as ever and hoped that the forthcoming season would fulfil or hopes, that we would have dry weather, some excellent bowling and enjoy the company of our fellow bowlers.


6.            Chairman’s Annual Report.  The Chairman, George Edge, endorsed everything the President had said and wished everyone a good year’s bowling.


7,            Secretary’s Annual Report and Correspondence.  The Secretary, Alison Hine, reported that:


8.            Treasurer’s Annual Report.  The Treasurer, Peter Lawrence, stated that it had been another successful year and circulated the Balance Sheet as at 30 November 2015, which showed three year’s accounts.  The accounts had been audited and passed by Stubbs, Parkin, South.


9.            County Delegates’ Annual Report.  Phil Scott congratulated Callum Wraight who plays for AWC in the Whitchurch League on winning the Champion of Champions.  He then reported that:


10.         BCGBA and Referees Society Report.  Rob Ellison reported that:


11.         Shropshire Referees/Welfare/Coaching Reports – Isobel Jones reported that:


12.         League Rules.  The outcome of voting on the proposed amendments is attached at Annex A to these Minutes.


13.         League Applications/Resignations and Format of the League for 2016.   Mike Beckett reported that:


14.         Fixture Book 2015:  John Mitchell confirmed that the format of the Fixture Book would remain the same as the previous year.  He was under pressure to produce the books on time and would be grateful if the Club information could be submitted as soon as possible.


15.         Competitions 2016. Phil Scott thanked his team of helpers and parents without whom he would not have been able to run a successful competition programme and also all the host clubs, greensmen, caterers and the players.  He reported that:


 16.        Elections of Officers 2016




Vice Presidents

As per Fixture Book



Mr P Williams



Mr G Edge


Vice Chairman

Mr P Scott



Mrs A Hine


Assistant Secretary

Mr J Mitchell



Mr P Lawrence



Stubbs Parkin South


Fixtures/Results Secretary

Mr M Beckett


Competition Secretary

Mr P Scott


Management Committee

Ms P Healey & Mr S Fullard plus Officials


County Delegates

Mrs A Hine, Mrs M Matthews & Mr N Hine


Referees Delegates

Mrs I Jones


Junior County Selectors

Mr P Scott


Inter League Captains Senior

Mr D Booth & Mr C Lloyd


Inter League Captains Junior

Mr P Scott, Ms P Healey, Mr S Fullard, Mrs I Jones, Mrs M Matthews


Inter League Veterans Captain

Mr G Edge



17.         Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening.  Alison Hinereported that the following arrangements had been made: 



18.         Dates of Future Meetings


Peter Williams thanked all for attending.


The Meeting closed at 9.20 pm






Whitchurch League Rule Changes 2016.  (Proposed changes in red)

NB Voting figures are shown only where there had to be a count.

Management Proposals


Tilstock Proposal

Defeated.  37 votes against, 19 votes for, no abstentions.


Whixall Proposal

Defeated. 32 votes against, 15 votes for, 9 abstentions..

Prees Proposals

Not seconded.