South Westmorland Seniors 2018


President. Secretary. Chairman. Treasurer.

Mr Anthony Batty

36 Chapelfield




01539 727904



Mr. Mike Fell

16 Mayfield Avenue,

Holme, Carnforth


01524 781977



Mr. Ian Hayton

30 Chestnut Close

 Holme, Carnforth

LA6 1RX  


01524 782324 or 079895957126

Mr. Malcolm Booker

31 Archers Meadow, 



01539 732871




1.The League shall be called The South Westmorland Seniors' Bowling League.

2. Members to be in the age range of 60 plus.

3. The Executive Committee to consist of Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and one representative from each Club. The Secretary and Treasurer shall not have a vote unless representing a Club. Meetings to be called as and when necessary. AGM to be held on the last Thursday in October of each year. Annual Report, Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, election of Officers and vote on any amendments to Rules at AGM. All notices of motion covering changes of Rules to be given to the Secretary by 13th October.

4. Application for membership to the League will be considered from any Club affiliated to the Cumbria County Crown Green Bowling Association. Such applications, to be received on or before 13th October in each year, by which date resignations must be forwarded in writing to the League Secretary.

5. Teams to consist of 8 players on each side. The match to consist of 4 single games and 2 doubles. Each game 21 Up. All matches to be organized under the Rules of the British Crown Green Bowls Association. A random draw to be made by the two Captains prior to the start of the match, starting with a doubles game. If a team is one player short the Captain of that team must forward a minimum of five names, then a player to be selected to play twice will be done by a random ballot as stated above, and the opponent may have a practise of 4 ends, as agreed at the AGM in 2017. Order of play for the first 3 jacks to include at least 1 double, i.e. 1 double and 2 singles or 2 doubles and 1 single. Points awarded - 4 singles, 2 doubles, 1 point per game plus 2 for the aggregate, giving 8 points available. Clubs to have and USE score boards as well as score cards for all matches. Any player having already played for a club should be excluded from moving to play for another club in any one season, unless dispensation has been granted from the league. No player can play for more than ONE TEAM in the same week.

6. Standard jacks to be used, and the visiting team shall have the first throw of the jack. Visiting team to have use of the match jacks for 15 minutes before starting time of' the match.

7. Games shall be played on a Monday afternoon, and in some cases on a Tuesday afternoon, commencing at 2 p.m. prompt, or earlier if decided between the two Captains. All matches to be played on the day printed on the fixture lists.

8. Should a game or part of a game have to be postponed through unfavourable weather or other special circumstances, such game shall be resumed from the point of cessation in the first instance. The away team Captain shall have the final decision as to whether the match will be played. The teams concerned must arrange to replay the game soon as possible. The privilege of the home team to fix the date, and they shall advise the League Secretary of the date agreed upon, failing which the Executive Committee will determine the date.

9. Each team sheet to be signed and a complete list showing the match results. The results should be posted on the website as soon as possible by the home team.

10. The team making the highest number of points throughout the season to be declared the winner. Should two or more teams tie at the end of the season with an equal number of points, they shall play off on a neutral green to be decided by the Executive Committee.

Promotion and relegation will involve the top two teams and the bottom two teams in Divisions 1,2,3 & 4 where and when appropriate. The top two teams in Division 5 will be promoted.

11. Any disciplinary issues to be handled by a Special Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer. It is then up to this Committee to call a full Executive Committee meeting, if necessary.

12. Expenses incurred by the Secretary and Treasurer shall be paid from the League funds. The funds shall be placed in a bank or building society and cheques shall be signed by two of the three officials, viz Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

13. The League shall be affiliated to the Cumbria Crown Green Bowling Association.

14. The Secretary and Treasurer each to be paid an Honorarium to be agreed by the Members representing their Clubs and voting at the Annual General Meeting.

 15. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of 2/3rds of the Executive Committee. The request to be made in writing to the Secretary.

 16. Any matter arising which is not covered be the above Rules will be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be accepted by all parties.

 Amended – November 2017.