South West Birmingham over 60 2018

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Champion of Champions 

The full results of the Champion of Champions are shown below. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the players who took part.

First Round

Ray Pickering (Bournville Sports)       13-21   Jim Cowling (R.S.J.C)

George Laing (Weoley Hill)                19-21   Ian Humphreys (White Hart)

Steve Davies (Hall Green)                 21-14   Ken Allen (Black Horse)

Steve Valente (Weoley Castle)           17-21   Tony Freeth (A.G. College)

Quarter Finals

Jim Cowling                                     11-21   Ian Humphreys

Steve Davies                                   17-21   Tony Freeth

Tony Toal (Woodbourne)                  21-19   Diane Ross (W.C.W.M.C.)

Peter Eaton (K.N.E.S.)                     19-21   Terry Moss (Kings Norton)


Ian Humphreys                                11-21   Tony Freeth

Tony Toal                                        21-14   Terry Moss


Tony Freeth                                     21-14   Tony Toal  



Doubles Merits

The full results of the doubles merits are shown below. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the pairs who took part.

 Details of the qualifying round are as follows:

John Lea & Brian Rhodes         11-21  Les & Ken Haylor

Marilyn Howard & Roy Allsopp 21-11   Richard Edwards & John Griffin

Ken & Sue Allen                     17-21   Rita Barnett & Arthur Morgan

Kirk Wright & Ray Richards     15-21   Jacqui & Ray Barnett

Len Williams & Geoff Bagnall   15-21   Deborah Loftus & Wendy O'Donnell

Tony Freeth & George Ward    21-15   Owen Beard & Seamus Edwards

John Price & Dave Lowe          21-13   Jack Sharpe & Peter Flowers

Alf Hickey & Peter Eaton           Bye 


Quarter Finals

Rita Barnet & Arthur Morgan      21-18   Les & Ken Haylor

Kay Jebbett & Wendy O'Donnell   9-21   John Price & Dave Lowe

Marilyn Howard & Roy Allsopp     9-21   Jacqui & Ray Barnett

Tony Freeth & George Ward       16-21  Alf Hickey & Peter Eaton



Rita Barnett & Arthur Morgan     20-21   John Price & Dave Lowe

Jacqui & Ray Barnett                 21-13   Alf Hickey & Peter Eaton



John Price & Dave Lowe            21-  9   Jacqui & Ray Barnett



Ladies Day (Ladies Singles Merit)

13 players attended the 2018 Ladies Day with Carole Slater emerging as a deserved winner.

The full details of the days play are:

Round 1

Chris Monington - Wythall            21-11    Pat Bishop - Wythall

Jean Sherrington - Alcester          21-20    June Whitehouse - Kings Norton

Margaret D'Elia - Alcester            21-18     Jennifer Hatfield - King George VI

Barbara Keeling - King George VI   8-21     Rita Barnett - Weoley Hill

Maureen McGarry - Weoley Hill     21-18    Lynda Thomas - Kings Norton

Caroline Gill - Kings Norton            Bye

Jan Bower - Woodlands Park          Bye

Carole Slater - Alcester                 Bye


Quarter Finals

Chris Monington                        17-21    Jean Sherrington

Margaret D'Elia                         11-21    Rita Barnett

Maureen McGarry                      14-21    Caroline Gill

Jan Bower                                18-21   Carole Slater



Jean Sherrington                      10-21    Rita Barnett

Caroline Gill                               7-21    Carole Slater



Rita Barnett                              5-21    Carole Slater



Tommy Palmer Memorial Trophy

Only seven players supported this event in 2018. The details are shown below.

First Round

Norman Ravenhurst - Woodlands Park   23-16  Ian Humphreys - White Hart

Ray Pickering - Bournville Sports           21-20  Peter Flowers - Hall Green

Phil Richardson - Wythall                      19-21  Ken Adey - Bournville Sports

Jack Sharpe - Hall Green                        Bye



Norman Ravenhurst                             23-19  Ray Pickering

Ken Adey                                            13-21  Jack Sharpe



Norman Ravenhurst                             15-21  Jack Sharpe


Singles Merits

The Singles Merit Finals were held on a very dry and quick Bournville Sports green on 12th July. 13 players turned up on the day and a very competitive competition saw Steve Davies of Hall Green beat Peter Dunbavin of Black Horse in the final.

The full results were:

Round 1

Charlie Heesom (Henley)              13-21 Peter Dunbavin (Black Horse)

Tony Buckley (White Hart)            17-21 George Laing (Weoley Hill)

Jim Cowling (RSJC)                      16-21 Peter Kinchin (Weoley Hill)

Kirk Wright (White Hart)               10-21 Peter Flowers (Hall Green)

Jack Sharpe (Hall Green)              21-19 Diana Ross (WCWMC)

Phil Richardson (Wythall)                Bye

Mick Defaye (WCWMC)                   Bye

Steve Davies (Hall Green)              Bye


Quarter Finals

Peter Dunbavin                            21-11 George Laing

Peter Kinchin                               21-20 Peter Flowers

Jack Sharpe                                 18-21 Phil Richardson

Mick Defaye                                 13-21 Steve Davies



Peter Dunbavin                            21-17 Peter Kinchin

Phil Richardson                            13-21 Steve Davies



Peter Dunbavin                            15-21 Steve Davies


Congratulations to the winner, Steve Davies, and our thanks to all the players who supported this event.