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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


Sponsored by  ADLINGTON - Independent Living

President Jesse Brough   
Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Nev Ward


31 Wordsworth Avenue


ST17 9UB

Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 

Ned Elcock

53 Pool Lane



ST17 0TY 



Members Present                   Nev Ward                                   Chairman

                                             Ned Elcock                                Treasurer

                                             Brian Belfield                              Secretary

                                             Sylvia Ward                                Vice Chairman

                                             60 Members


The Chairman opened the meeting at 2.01pm and a minute silence was held in memory of absent friends.


1 – Apologies

The following apologies were received: Ann Evans, Irene Stevens, Ted Turton, Sheila Fenna, John Andrews, Derek Skinner, Mick Hill, John Simkiss, Derek Hancock, Alan Green, Derek Hughes, Ted Rees, Betty Elcock, Maureen Kyte, Pauline Dunn


2 – Approval of 2016 AGM Minutes

The minutes were approved : Proposed: Graham Webb, Seconded : Rod Ewan


3 – Matters Arising



4 – Correspondence

Extracts from the County :

new female registrations will have the prefix ST,

there is a new county blog website fingerorthumb.proboards.com

clubs should have a welfare officer,

new individual registrations will cost £15


5 – Chairman’s Report

Good afternoon and welcome to the 26th AGM of the Stafford 55 League. This year is a sad time for the league as we are no longer being sponsored by Delia and Jesse Brough. We are extremely grateful for their contribution to the success of our league and their sponsorship for the last fifteen years. Thank you both! We hope to see your continued presence on the greens in the 2017 season.

Many thanks to Brian Belfield for his excellent work in his first year as our league secretary – a sterling job in your debut year! As you know, we did not have a competitions secretary for last year and so I would like to thank all those people who made it a successful running of our league competitions.

Thanks to Clive Alderman for supplying a trophy and sponsoring a new Champions competition.

The 2016 season saw the closest finish to the first division on record with Rowley Park topping Amasal Universal by aggregate only after being level on points.

In closing, may I wish you all a healthy and successful 2017 season.


6 – Treasurer’s Report

This is the report for the year ended 31st December 2016.

Despite a slight overall shortfall of £23, the financial year has been quite satisfactory.

Reserves now stand at £1106.59

As the duties of the Competition Secretary were undertaken by a number of members, it was decided that the honorarium of £60 be put towards buying two more shields to complete the set. Accordingly, £100 was spent on suitably inscribed items.

The considerable sponsorship assistance provided by Jesse and Delia Brough over many years has come to an end and our Chairman will no doubt have a few words to say on the matter. However, it does leave us with the need to find another sponsor.

The new arrangements for the competitions worked well with only a small drop in entries.

Once again, the Auditors did not take their honorarium and, on your behalf, I thank them for their help and Clive Alderman for providing the prize money for the new competition.

On the expenditure side, our Secretary, whilst doing an excellent job, also kept the outgoings well under control, mainly through his own endeavors.

We tried, successfully, this year, to bring the engraving up to date. Hence the costs increased.

Prize money also increased due to the new competition.

That the Treasurer’s report be accepted as a true record :


                        Proposed by Frank James

                        Seconded by Albert Ruttledge


7 – Secretary’s Report

I feel we had a good season last year with little interruption. I may be biased but I am sure most of the bad weather reserved itself for the Wednesdays!

Congratulations to the Division one winners Rowley Park, and runners up Amasal Uni.

Commiserations to the wooden spooners, Alstom B and Stafford A who are relegated to Division Two.

Congratulations to the Division Two winners Phoenix A and runners up Phoenix D who are promoted to Division One.


Thank you Captains for embracing the results website.

I was poised to receive calls for help during the first two weeks of the season – but had none!

There were one or two teething problems during the early stages but the webmaster, Mike Beckett, always fixes the problems within hours!

Generally, all the results are in by the Saturday morning (many on the Thursday night)

which means I have most of the weekend to prepare the submission to the local press.

However, if your match is cancelled, please let me know immediately so that I am not waiting around unnecessarily for a result which will not be coming.

Also, please let me know of the rearranged date so that I can change it on the web.


Local Press

I am pleased that the local press published the league results and competition draws and results almost every week.


The lack of an official Competitions Secretary last year did not prevent us from successfully running all the competitions. Thank you especially to those who volunteered to run each competition –

Anne  & Kit, Barry & John, Nev & Sylvia, Ned & Betty, Andy Waters & Pauline Harris. We did not fix the details and venues until mid-season and so it was mostly left to the captains to print off the entry forms.

However, we have already fixed everything for this year and so all details will be on the fixture cards and the entry forms will be distributed along with the fixture cards.



I am pleased to announce that we have sponsorship for this year from ADLINGTONs who are building the retirement complex on the Brooklands site.

Jesse and Delia Brough were invited to attend the meeting for us to give thanks for their support for the last 15 years, but they are on a cruise. We hope to invite them along to one of the competitions.



8 – Election of Officers

The Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer  and Secretary indicated that they were willing to serve for another year.


There were no takers for the job of Competitions Secretary.

It was proposed that the committee be voted in en block.

Proposed by Frank James, seconded by Derek Bunting.


The committee is :-

                        Chairman                         Nev Ward

                        Vice Chairman                  Sylvia Ward

                        Treasurer                          Ned Elcock

                        Secretary                         Brian Belfield

                        Competition Secretary      vacant

                        Plus a single representative of each Club




9 – Appointment of Auditors

The auditors Alan Green and Brian Aldridge have agreed to stand for this next year.


10 – Proposal to apply 5 point penalty to the score card

A proposal has been put forward by David Kelsall (Stafford B), seconded by Mike Bosson (Phoenix A), to revert the scheme from the past to apply the 5 point penalty, for a player playing twice, to the individual score card. The current scheme is to apply the penalty to the team aggregate.

David’s argument stems from the feeling that the opponent should benefit from the penalty.

The opposing view, put forward by the Alstom D captain, condemns the idea of punishing the individual who has reluctantly agreed to play twice to save the team’s blushes.

The Secretary also pointed out that the current scheme is automatically handled by the web, even if the captains forget or get it wrong. The score card scheme relies totally on the captains!

The proposal was put to the vote :-  For 10, Against 48, Abstain 2. Thus the proposal was rejected.


11 – Dates

The fixtures cards, match cards, scorecards and the entry forms for all the competitions will be available for collection at Alstom Bowls Club on Friday 10th March from 10.30am till 12pm.

Note that each team’s Non-Winners entry form will list those team members who are ineligible to enter this competition as a result of previously winning a 55 league competition.

Closing date for Non-winners competition 29th March

Non-winners competition 6/7th April at Alstom

First match of season 13th April

Last match of season 10th August


12 – AOB



The meeting was closed at 3pm.


  Sponsored by Jesse Brough    
  Receipts and Payments Account    
  For the year ended 31st December 2016 2016  
           £            £
      Last Year          Last Year  
250 Sponsorship 250.00 25 County Fees 20.00
      20 Hire of Hall 30.00
600 Membership 600.00      
  Fees   64 Secretarial 78.10
325 Competition 281.00 165 Honoraria 105.00
      115 Engraving 158.75
      161 Printing 93.40
        New Shields 100.00
      512 Prizes 554.00
        Computer Fees
15 Donations 45.00   & Insurance 59.75
  Shortfall for 23.00 128 Surplus  
  the year     for the year  
    1199.00     1199.00
    As at 31st December 2015 2016  
  Accumulated   Represented 
  Surplus 1129.59   by  
  This year's 23.00   Bank A/C 1106.59
  Shortfall     cash  
    1106.59     1106.59
  Checked and found correct Hon Treasurer Ned Elcock
  Auditors Alan Green      
    Brian Aldridge Chairman