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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


Sponsored by  ADLINGTON - Independent Living

President Jesse Brough   
Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Nev Ward


31 Wordsworth Avenue


ST17 9UB

Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 

Ned Elcock

53 Pool Lane



ST17 0TY 



Present :-

Nev Ward(Chairman, Rowley Park), Brian Belfield(Secretary, Alstom D), Ann Evans(Alstom A), Andy Waters(Amasal P), John Bennett(Amasal Uni), Pauline Dunn(Burton Manor), Terry Cooper(County Officers), Geoff Johnson(Littleworth), David Wynn(Penkridge A), Barry Dunn/Mike Bosson(Phoenix A), Rod Ewan(Phoenix B), Derek Woodfield(Phoenix C), Derek Hodgkiss(Phoenix D), Anne Mace(Phoenix Riverway), Mick Evans(Chairman Alstom Bowls Club)


1. Apologies for absence

Ned Elcock(Treasurer), Lynn Lyne(Burton Manor), David Kelsall(Stafford B)


2. Minutes of previous meeting



3. Matters arising

A proposal was suggested to change the 5 point penalty for playing twice back to the individual score card, rather than on the team aggregate (see below).


Runner up shields for the American Singles and Doubles have been purchased.


4. Correspondence

An email was received from Andy Waters i. querying second half fixtures(see 6 below), ii. proposing mid-season competition(see 7 below) iii. proposing novelty competition iv. Suggesting a possible sponsor (see 9 below).

As this league only has control of Thursdays and with the fixtures and current competitions, all available Thursdays in the bowling season are full, the idea of an extra novelty competition was dismissed. This is more suited at club level.


Emails have been received from the County(Mark Bircumshaw) and the League Secretary will forward future ones as appropriate. Note: females will have the prefix ST on new registrations, there is a new ‘blog’ website fingerorthumb.proboards.com for use by everyone, the county AGM is on the 8th February at which all clubs and leagues must be represented or else will incur a £25 fine.


A formal proposal for the 5 point penalty change has been received from David Kelsall(Stafford B) and seconded by Mike Bosson(Phoenix A) (see 5 below).


5. Proposal for the 5 point playing twice penalty to be applied to the individual

This proposal will be presented at the AGM as it would mean a constitution rule change. Arguments for and against were put forward at the meeting. A quick show of hands suggested that the proposal would be rejected i.e. the current rule for the 5 point penalty to be applied to the team aggregate would stand.


6. Fixture list 2nd half : copy or mirror ?

The Secretary explained that the second half matches can be presented in the same order as the first or in reverse order. Last season the Secretary chose the latter so that all the Alstom teams at home for the first match were all at home for the last match of the season. Similarly, so were the Penkridge teams. The meeting had no feelings either way and so the Secretary will choose as appropriate.


7. Competition e.g. Single Merit mid-season?

Andy Waters had wondered if a competition, say the Singles Merit, could be played mid-season. It was thought that this would complicate the administration and so was dismissed.


8. Competition administration

It was thought that the arrangement last season of the captains submitting all the entries and money on the same day, and the competition organisers taking away their appropriate entries at the same time had worked very well. And so, despite Ann Evans kindly offering to be the ‘Postmaster’, it was decided to stick with last seasons arrangement. The arrangement for this season is provisionally as follows :-




Closing Date




Non Winners

6/7 April

29 March


Nev Ward

Brian Belfield


Individual Merit

17/18 August

28th July

Stafford BC

Anne Mace


American Singles

24/25 August

28th July

Stafford BC

Anne Mace


American Doubles

31 August
1 September

28th July


Nev Ward
Sylvia Ward


Doubles Merit

7/8 September

28th July

Silkmore Lane

Barry Dunn
John Andrews

Terry Cooper


Triples Merit

14/15 September

28th July


Betty Elcock

Ned Elcock


Drawn Doubles

21/22 September

28th July


Andy Waters


Alderman Champion

Thursday 28 September



Nev Ward

Brian Belfield




9. Sponsoreship

As we need to find a new sponsor, Andy Waters suggested Adlingtons who are building sheltered apartments on the Brooklands site. Andy has a contact with the firm and so a letter has been sent. But we need other suggestions if this leads nowhere.


10. Any other business

The League starts on 13th April.


11. Date of AGM :- Wednesday 15th February 2pm at Stafford Rangers.

(The Vets is on the 8th Feb)


12. Date of next meeting

Post season captain’s meeting : Friday 20th October 10.30 am Alstom