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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2018


Sponsored by  ADLINGTON - Independent Living

President Jesse Brough   
Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Nev Ward


31 Wordsworth Avenue


ST17 9UB

Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 

Ned Elcock

53 Pool Lane



ST17 0TY 



Present :-

Nev Ward(Chairman, Rowley Park), Ned Elcock(Treasurer), Brian Belfield(Secretary, AlstomD), Ann Evans(Alstom A), Mick Hill(Alstom C), Andy Waters(Amasal P), John Bennett(Amasal Uni), Geoff Johnson(Littleworth), David Wynn(Penkridge A), Barry Dunn/Mike Bosson(Phoenix A), Rod Ewan(Phoenix B), Anne Mace(Phoenix Riverway), David Kelsall(Stafford B)


1. Apologies for absence

Eileen Holding(Alstom B), Terry Cooper(County Officers), Derek Hodgkiss(Phoenix D)


2. Minutes of previous meeting

There were none.


3. Matters arising



4. Correspondence

A letter was received from Jesse Brough indicating that this would be the last season for sponsorship.

This was subsequently confirmed to be the case.

A special thank you will be paid to Jesse and Delia at the next AGM for their support of the league over the last decade.


5. League administration

All agreed that the website was a resounding success. Nobody had issues with entering results and there were only two known instances where results entered had to be corrected.

All were happy with the coverage of results in the local papers, the Newsletter and Express & Star.

Apparently there is a bowls club at Brewood who may approach to join the league.


6. Competition administration

The individuals who had agreed to run the individual competitions were thanked by the Chairman and it was agreed that, even without a Competitions Secretary, the operation had been a success. The collection of all the entry fees and entry forms at the same time was praised.

In case no candidate for Competitions Secretary steps forward by the AGM, then individuals and greens to run each competition will be determined at the PRE-AGM captain’s meeting. Thus complete sets of competition entry forms could be available at the handout of fixture cards.


7. Alderman Shield entry selection

The entry needs to be limited to 16 to give a simple 4 round competition in the day.The suggested initial makeup is 2 from each of the seven competitions (winner and runner up from singles comps and winners from double comps (3 from the triples) giving 15 plus the Div 1 singles average winner totalling 16.

Where duplication etc. reduces this number, then fill up to 16 by picking off in the following order :- div2 singles average winner, div1 singles average runner up, div2 singles average runner up. Any further shortfall means BYEs on the day.


8. Playing twice limit

The Chairman is concerned that in some leagues, unscrupulous teams may be playing their best bowlers twice in a match at the expense of weaker bowlers being available. Making it a limit of 3 times that any individual may bowl twice in a season is suggested. Such a change to the rules will be discussed at the PRE-AGM meeting and then voted on at the AGM if proposed.

It was suggested that the League Secretary would warn when a bowler had reached the 3 limit and the punishment for infringement would be a walkover for that game (i.e 21-0 for the singles game?).

In fact in our 55 league, no individual bowled twice more than 3 times except for two in Alstom B (4 times) and this was due to a regular shortage of  bowlers in that team.

The situation with Alstom B is expected to be addressed for next season.


Some thought that the current 5 point penalty for bowling twice should be applied to the individual game rather than to the team aggregate. Such a proposal needs submitting to the committee (seconded by another team) by the end of the year and then voted on at the AGM.


The question was raised about late bowlers being substituted after the draw is made.

The rule is that no substitution is allowed after the draw is made except for exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical).

However, if a singles bowler is expected to be late (after 2pm), then, with the agreement of both captains, they can be included in the draw.


9. Runner up shields

There seem to be no runner up shields for the American Singles and American Doubles competitions (either lost or never existed?). It was agreed that replacement shields should be acquired.

It was deemed unnecessary to have a runner up shield for the Alderman competition.


10. Any other business

New sponsorship needs to be investigated. Any suggestions should be forwarded to the committee.


11. Date of next meeting :- PRE-AGM captain’s meeting on Friday 13th January at Alstom.


12. Date of AGM :- Wednesday 15th February 2pm at Stafford Rangers.

(The Vets is on the 8th Feb)