Southport L.V. League 2018


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OPENING REMARKS  The meeting was opened at 7.30 by the chairman. He made a justifiable comment about the lack of members at the AGM.

ROLL CALL AND MEMBERS ATTENDANCE  Of the 13 clubs we have only 8 were represented. The total attendance of members was 13. The clubs failing to have any representation were Banks. Crowlands. London. Mere Brow & Victoria Park.

TRIBUTE     A minutes silence was held.

MINUTES OF 2015 To be noted as correct and accepted

SECRETARIES REPORT As the secretary ( Stevie Mac) was on holiday the chairman took it to offer a report. He congratulated the league winners and the league individual merit winners. He also noted that the re- introduction of the individuals and pairs competition were very successful. Thanks to all the bowlers that entered making it possible. He then congratulated the winners and runners up in these competitions and said he hoped to see everone at the LV and Parks presentation on Sat December 5th.

TREASURERS REPORT The treasurer ( Dave Pennington) had previously handed out the balance sheet. With little discussion the report was accepted.

FIXTURE SECRETARIES REPORT  A few remarks were brought up about one club breaking the rules and playing the same person in different teams. I accepted the remarks and replied that as the person involved didnt win any games. And all the games he played were early season. What i did forget to mention was that in the early season there were two identical names in the same club. The captains who entered the results had no idea who was who when entering the results. This went on for about two months when i was asked to try and sort it out. I shall say that it took several hours and emails to determine the correct player to the team and the scores. That is when it came to light about the player playing incorrectly.At that point he had won 1 game in 9. He then continued to play the rest of his games for the higher team. Because of this criticism I intend to issue a copy of the rules to each club and adhere to the rules as stated

The online scoring system was brought up that it had a few glitches in the programme.However it was agreed that problems aside it is a very good system. Every player, team and club can monitor the progress of individuals through the season. We will continue with the system.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS There were no proposals for new officers. The president ( Lorry Davies)stepped down. The other positions remain the same. Chairman B Coleman, Vice Chairman M Carr, Secretary & Results secretary S Mcmanus and the Treasurer Dave Pennington.

APPLICATIONS TO LEAVE OR JOIN THE LEAGUE One application to enter the league from Tarleton was put forward and accepted.

ISSUE REGISTRATION FORMS  To be updated with secretaries, captains and players  ( first names) and returned on or before the delegates meeting on January 12th.

PROPOSALS  No 1  From the hesketh bowling club. " That the individuals and pairs competitions are left until the end of the season, and only played on greens with full floodlighting"

"This would enable the league games to be completed before the light starts failing".

" This will alleviate the situation where games were being completed in the semi darkness on some occasions".

It was discussed in length whether we should revert to 3 divisions to accomodate the extra team. Two divisions will take from the first week in April until the last week in September. Floodlight comps are not the best attended and it may be that there are no competitions held.

The proposal went ahead, was seconded and passed with 7 votes to 3.

As there are now 25 teams but uncertain if a team may pull outwe decided to leave the decision of the amount of divisions until January 12th.

SECOND PROPOSAL As the president had resigned I proposed that we create a PRESIDENTS DAY. During June or July the host club will elect a president. Their green will be used for a competition with invitations to every team in the league. The competition will be organised by the committee. The host club will be given a sum of money from the league for the catering.Its expected of them to produce a good event for possibly as many as 50 bowlers. They are free  to cater as they wish. Whether its a BBQ or hog roast. Or possibly a choice off a menu.

This proposal was discussed briefly and passed unanimously.

It was then offered to to the clubs present for hosting the first event. Scarisbrick Bowling Club, Fleetwood Hesketh and the Zetland offered to be hosts. These offers were kindly accepted and a decision of which club to use was to be made at the delegates meeting on January 12th.

THIRD PROPOSAL This was a proposal to introduce a system where the top 4 bowlers in each league game play the top 4 bowlers in the opposing team. Using the online results each team has weekly results with the order of merit. If it was adopted it would mean that the worst bowlers on a team couldnt draw the best bowlers on the opposing team and evade a possible mismatch. The better bowlers will constantly playagainst each other creating a more accurate merit table. ( Those that get beaten will drop a level in their club allowing others to come up). The top 4 will change frequently and at the end of the season the league merit winner will truly be worthy of earning that position.

The proposal was seconded and went to a vote. The result was a draw with 5 votes for and 5 against.

No action was taken on this proposal.

AOB There was no other business brought up.

The chairman closed the meeting at 8.20