South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association 2018


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South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association


     1. The Association shall be known as the South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association and be open to all bona-fide Bowling Clubs and Organisations. Clubs affiliated to the County of Derbyshire and being members of another Association may be permitted membership subject to the approval of the existing member clubs.

     2. The objects of the Association shall be:-    

     (a) To promote, organise and govern Crown Green Bowling in South Derbyshire.

     (b) To create good fellowship amongst members.

     (c) To encourage greater enthusiasm in competitive games.

     3. Any club wishing to become affiliated to the Association shall make an application to so and must be supported therein by 2 member clubs.

     4. The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President Chairman and Vice-Chairman. These officers shall be members of the Association and together will be elected at the Annual Meeting. Additionally the Annual Meeting will appoint a Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and two Auditors.

     5. The business of the Association shall be transacted by an Executive Committee consisting of six members elected at an Annual General Meeting plus the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Fixture Secretary. A quorum of this Committee shall be five. A member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without reasonable cause shall cease to hold office and the committee shall have power to co-opt to fill the vacancy. The Executive Committee shall request any Club or player to attend any disciplinary hearing against the said club or player and to produce books, documents or other evidence may deem necessary. In the event of any club or member declining or failing to attend any enquiry when requested to do so, the Executive Committee may suspend, expel or deal with such club or member as it considers fit. Appeals against any decision of the Executive Committee may be made to the Derbyshire County Bowling Association, a copy of such an appeal to be lodged with the Secretary of this Association.

     6. The Executive Committee shall appoint five of its members to act as a selection committee and will be responsible for the appointment of three delegates to the Derbyshire County Bowling Association meeting and also a representative on the County selection committee. The selection committee shall be responsible for the recommendation to the Derbyshire county selection committee the names of players for both the senior and junior inter-County competitions.

     7. Two General meetings shall be held annually:

     (a) One in January for the election of all Officers and Committee and transactions of business for the ensuing season.

     (b) The second meeting to be held in November/December to consider the alterations to Rules and Bye-Laws, to hear a preliminary financial report, to recommend honoraria, to formulate the leagues for the following season and to recommend a fixtures secretary to provide provisional fixtures to the AGM. Attendance at a general meeting is not restricted. Clubs are entitled to send one official delegate who shall be required to sign the attendance register. Each club shall have one vote.

     8. Special General Meetings - The Executive Committee shall instruct the Honorary Secretary to convene a Special General Meeting within 14 days of receiving a request to do so signed by the secretaries of at least five clubs affiliated to the Association. The request shall specify clearly the business or object for which the meeting is required. Such meeting shall be conducted as at a General Meeting.

     9. The annual affiliation fee, the players registration fees and league fees shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable before the end of June. Affiliated Clubs not playing in the league shall pay a sum agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Failure to comply with Rule 9 will result in a £10 fine.

    10. The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually and a copy of the statement of accounts shall be sent to each club together with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting in January at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

    11. No Bye-Law or Rule of the Association shall be altered except by two-thirds majority vote at a Rules Revision Meeting. Clubs shall abide by the Rules and Bye- Laws adopted at such meeting and any subsequent infringement of the same shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee. Alterations to such Rules and Bye-Laws shall be printed in the Fixtures and Rules Book.

    12. Alterations to the Laws of the Game and to the Rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association and of the South Derbyshire Association will normally be dealt with at the meeting in November/December. Propositions for such will be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary by November 15th and notice of the propositions shall be sent to all Clubs 14 days before the Rule Revision Meeting. The Chairman at the Annual General Meeting may accept an amendment to a notified proposition, provided the amendment is proposed and seconded. The amendment must be passed by a two- thirds majority.

    13. The Executive Committee shall on behalf of the Association control all Competitions organised by it according to the Rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

    14. All Clubs shall be held responsible for the good order and behaviour of their officials, members and spectators. Reports of misconduct shall be considered in accordance with Rule 5.

    15. (a) No member of any club shall be permitted to transfer his membership (or League Registration) to any other Affiliated Club until he has fulfilled all financial obligations to the Club from which he is resigning.

      (b) A member may join any number of Clubs affiliated to the Association but can be registered (see Rule 5) for one club only. Having been so registered he can only play for that club in League, Association and County Competitions.

      (c) No club shall accept in membership (or register) a member from any other affiliated Club without first ascertaining that the member is in accordance with Rule 16(a) hereafter.

      (d) A member registered for League matches shall indicate to the Secretary making the registration, the names of any other club of which he is a member. This information shall be recorded on the registration form and sent out by the Association.

     16. The Executive Committee will meet as required to deal with business in hand. Permission for transfers to take place will only be authorized by the Executive Committee and no player shall play for a club other than that for which he was originally registered until written permission of the Secretary has been conveyed to the player and the Clubs concerned. All requests for transfer must be submitted as follows: -

      (a) Rule 15(a) to (d) will be complied with by a player completing the official registration transfer form and submitting it to the Secretary.

      (b) No request for transfer will be permissible between June 30th and September 30th. (NOTE - This implies that the transfer form is to be used during the 'closed season' also.)

     17. All Clubs and Players must give due consideration to the requirements of the Association with regard to the use of green and the services of any player for any Association fixture. It is a condition of membership of the Association that all clubs are required not to arrange domestic competitions on dates which have previously notified as required for major competitions.

    18. For preliminary rounds and early rounds of any competition the competing teams shall provide the necessary officials but for the later rounds the Association shall appoint the Officials to control the game. The winning club must inform the Association Secretary of the result of match on the official form.


     1. The Association provides two bowling leagues which shall be named The South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling League and The South Derbyshire Crown Green Floodlit League. Both leagues are open to all clubs affiliated to the South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association as defined in Rule 1 of its Rules and Bye - Laws.

     2. The annual subs for all leagues shall be decided at the A.G.M.

     3. All Leagues shall be controlled by the Executive Committee of the South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association and the decision of the Committee shall be final in all disputes subject to appeal firstly to S.D.C.B.A. and if necessary to the Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association.

     4. (a) Application for entry to and withdrawal from any League must be received by the Honorary Secretary not later than the 15th November prior to the season in which the team will compete. The Executive Committee shall attempt to establish the standard of any new team admitted to the league and place the team into an appropriate division using their powers under Rule 9 (c).     

     (b) A club delegate meeting will be held in the first week of December to decide upon the composition of all Leagues for the ensuing season.      

     (c) Club representatives shall meet in January to arrange fixtures for the season. A club not represented at the meeting shall be fined £10 unless an acceptable excuse has been submitted.     

     (d) Clubs having more than one team in a division shall arrange that all matches between these teams are played before the end of June. If any such match is delayed the Honorary Secretary must be notified at once and it must be played off within 21 days of the original date. The Executive Committee shall investigate contravention and arrange a date on which the match must be played.     

     (e) Clubs having the benefit of more than one bowling green shall nominate at the January fixtures meeting which team will play on which bowling green. If the nominated green is unplayable and both team captains agree then the switching of greens is permitted.

     5. Registration of Players.     

     (a) Clubs shall register their playing members with the Honorary Secretary at a fee decided at the AGM.     

     (b) No player shall be registered without his knowledge or consent.     

     (c) A player must be registered at least 3 days (exclusive of posting) before the match in which he plays.     

     (d) In the event of a club playing an ineligible player, the game shall be forfeited to the opponents and fined as decided by the Executive Committee.     

     (e) An eligible player will be allowed to compete in one fixture only on any one day.     

     (f) SDCGB League only  If a Club has more than one team in a division then that Club must nominate which is the `higher' of those two teams for the purpose of applying rule 5(g).

     (g) SDCGB League only - A player is considered as tied to a team once he has played three times for that team and has an aggregate +1 or higher.  If he has played three times and has a negative aggregate or zero he may play at the next lower level to that at which he accrued this. A tied player may play at a higher level at any time but he becomes tied at the higher level and cannot return once he has played three times (subject to the stated condition of his aggregate). A player having played two thirds of the fixtures for a higher team may not play for a lower team for the last three matches of the season irrespective of his average.

     (h) SDCGB Floodlit League only - The registration of players for the Floodlit League is completely separate from the main League and can include ladies. Transfer between teams in the floodlit league season is not permitted.

     6. Conduct of matches.

      (a) All matches shall be played under British Crown Green Bowling Association Rules on the date agreed before the printing of the fixtures. Any re-arrangements shall be governed by the provisions of Rule 7 q.v.

     (b) Evening matches shall start at 7:00 p.m. If a club has not got floodlights the matches shall start at  6:30 p.m. in April until the 12th May and from the beginning of August. Where Clubs have floodlights these may be switched on when either Captain deems it appropriate. Matches played at the weekends to start at 3: 00 p.m.

     (c) Before the commencement of the match, opponents and order of play shall be selected by draw made by the captains.

     (d) Captains shall act as referees and shall agree before the start the number of jacks on the green. A minimum of 4 jacks are to be on the green up to and including completion of the seventh game.

     (e) If a player is not available when called, 5 minutes grace shall be allowed. If after the end of the 6th game completed, no eligible player is available the game shall be forfeited.

     (f) The visiting team shall have first use of the jack.

     (g) Each team shall play home and away matches.

     (h) The winner at each end shall score one point for each bowl they have nearer the jack than their opponents nearest bowl and he shall lead out the jack at the succeeding end. When measuring the adjustable end of the pegs or permitted metal measures as approved by the B.C.G.B.A. must be taken to the jack. Only the winner of the end shall signal the result to the scorers who must sit together and initial each others cards after every third end to signify agreement. Should however, the markers not agree on the correct score it will necessitate the game being continued from the last end in which both markers agreed the score.

     (i) At the end of each game the completed result sheet should be agreed and signed by both captains. The home team is responsible for entering the results on the MB Results Service website or Each team will have a password for entering results which must be done within 4 days of the match. A £1 fine will be imposed on the home team for any late entered results in the first instance and £2 for subsequent occurrences. The home team must retain the result sheet in case of a query by either the away team or the league secretary.

     (j) SDCGB League only - Teams shall consist of ten male players and games will be 21 up.

     (k) SDCGB League only - The visiting team shall have use of the green for 15 minutes before the start of the match.

     (l) SDCGB League only - Match points shall be awarded as follows: - (i) One point for each game won. (ii) Two points for an aggregate home win. (iii) Four points for an aggregate away win. In the event of a draw each team shall receive half the match points.

     (m) SDCGB Floodlit League only- Teams shall consist of 4 singles players, and 4 doubles pairs each game being 21 up.

     (n) SDCGB Floodlit League only- Visiting teams will not have use of the green before the start of the match.

     (o) SDCGB Floodlit League only- Match points shall be awarded as follows:- For each point scored a team will score one league point.

     (p) SDCGB Floodlit League only - If a team is one player short a singles shall be defaulted. If a team is two players short a doubles shall be defaulted. Ten players is the minimum that any Club can field. No-one can play twice in one match.

     (q) SDCGB Floodlit League only - To be eligible for cup semi finals and final a player must have played at least three league matches for that team..

     7. Re - arranged matches.

    (a) No match can be played other than on the day fixed and approved by the clubs concerned at the Annual Fixture Meeting except for cancellation due to (i) Inclement weather or adverse green conditions as determined by the host Club. (ii) County Cup, Dickie Cup or other Associations Cup matches. (iii) Clubs failing to fulfill a fixture shall be fined £25 and be deducted 12 points. The opponents shall be credited at the end of the season with their average number of points gained home or away as the case may be. 

    (b) If a match is not commenced as in 7(a) it shall be rearranged by mutual agreement and the new date be sent within 7 days to the League Secretary. In the event of both teams failing to mutually agree on a date for the fixture to be played, the 'home' secretary shall inform the League Secretary within 7 days who will then arrange for the Executive Committee to decide.

     (c) If a match is commenced and left unfinished it must be continued on a mutually agreed date. Should the clubs fail to agree on a date, the matter shall be referred within 7 days to the Executive Committee. Substitutes shall be allowed for any player who has not commenced his game in the match but such substitute shall not have played previously in the match. A game started and subsequently abandoned must be played by the original players and the scores shall stand as at the time of abandonment on the re-arranged date. When a match is re-arranged after abandonment the visiting team shall have the use of the green for 15 minutes before the continuation of the match.

    (d) The home club secretary shall notify the Honorary Secretary of the re-arrangement under (b) and (c) above.

     (e) In the event of a postponed match not being completed by the last day of the league fixtures date, excepting matches postponed in the last two weeks of the season under rule 7(a), then the match shall be declared void with the outcome adjudicated by the Executive Committee with points allocated either average or nil. If an unplayed game affects promotion / relegation then the Executive Committee will specify when the game shall be played. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in -12 points and the stipulated fine.

     (f) SDCGB Floodlit League only - Any unplayed games in the floodlit league will result in the offending team receiving 56 points and the stipulated fine. The non-offending team will receive their best home/away score again.

     8. Objections and Disputes.

     (a) Objections under these rules must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary within 14 days of the match with an objection lodgment fee of £2. The Executive Committee decision shall be final subject to the right of appeal as defined in Rule 3. (b) A member of the Executive Committee who is also a member of a club in dispute shall be excused for the duration of the hearing.

     9. League Championship: Promotion and Relegation. General rules - all leagues.      (a) Should any two clubs have an equal number of points in any division when all the matches have been played, the order of precedence shall be determined by:      (i) The team having won most matches.      (ii) The team having drawn most matches.      (iii) Dividing the aggregate number of points scored for by the number of points scored against in all matches.     

     (b) Normal procedure in promotion and relegation shall be the top two teams in any division to be promoted to the division above and the lowest two teams to be relegated. However the Executive Committee reserves the right to amend this as appropriate.           

     (c) The winners of the trophies belonging to the Association will be held responsible for the safe custody during the period of their possession. Such trophies must be returned to the Association at the Rules Revision meeting properly cleaned for presentation to the new winners.      (d) Championships shall be decided by points gained in Rules 6(I) and 6(p).

     10. The Executive Committee of the SDCGBA is empowered to deal with any matter appertaining to the League operation not provided for in these rules and regulations.

     11. Prize winners are required to attend the prize presentation evening otherwise prize money will be donated to charity.


     1.(a) All competitions shall be controlled by the Executive Committee of the South Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association. (b) On the final day's play in all South Derbyshire Competitions Standard Jacks approved by the BCGBA and provided by the Association shall be used.

     2. (a) Competitions shall be open to all bona-fide registered players of Affiliated Clubs.      (b) Entries for the Charity Cup Handicap Competition are open to all Bowlers.

     3. (a) Handicapping where required, shall be determined by the Executive Committee.      (b) In all South Derbyshire Competitions players receiving a bye shall be allowed fifteen minutes roll up before playing in a first round except where their opponent has also received a bye,

     4. In all South Derbyshire Competition Finals Days, the BCGBA Standard of Dress Rule shall apply, in that all players are to wear conventional clothing and are not permitted to play in shell suits or track suit bottoms, denims or shorts. Any player not complying with this rule shall not be allowed to play.

     5. Non appearance on finals day may lead to disciplinary action of a ban from the appropriate competition for a period of two years.

     6. Prize winners not attending the prize presentation evening will forfeit their prize money which will be donated to charity.


           (a) The Dickie Cup Competition, shall be an annual handicap competition, open to all affiliated teams. The handicap for each team will be set by the Executive Committee and the entry fee shall be decided at the A.G.M.

            (b) All matches shall be played on neutral greens as drawn and on the date fixed by the Executive Committee.      

            (c) An official of the neutral green shall be present, with the required equipment.         

            (d) The competition shall be a knock-out competition. The draw will be made from all teams entered and each subsequent round will be drawn from the teams still in the competition.

            (e) Until the semi-final stages, competing teams will provide the necessary officials. For the semi-final and final, officials will be appointed by the Association.

            (f) Teams shall consist of ten players, and each game shall be 21 up.

           (g) Before the commencement of each match, opponents and order of play shall be selected by draw, made by the Captains.           

            (h) Before start of play, the captains shall determine which players shall have first use of the jack, on an alternate basis, by the toss of a coin.

            (i) The result shall be decided by the aggregate of the points scored however in the event of a draw, the match shall be replayed on the same green. The date of the replay must be arranged within 24 hours and played within 7 days. The Competition Secretary shall be informed of the new date.

SDCGB Floodlit Cup ONLY - The result shall be decided by the aggregate of the points scored however in the event of a tie two players shall be nominated by each captain to plan a 3-end DOUBLES game. There will be a 'sudden death' extra end if this is still drawn.

            (j) Only players registered with the League Secretary, by the closing date for entry into the Dickie Cup will be eligible to play.

           (k) Once a player has represented a team in the Dickie Cup, he may not play for any other club or team during the same competition.

           (I) No player, having completed three League matches, for one team, will be eligible to play for a lower team unless he has an aggregate of less than minus 11. (i.e. -12,-13,-14 etc.)

          (m) Any Club failing to fulfil a fixture shall be fined £10, and the tie shall be awarded to the opponents.

          (n) Any Club failing to fulfil their requirements as a host green shall be fined £10

          (o) The penalty for playing an ineligible player shall be forfeiture of the tie.

          (p) Protests and objections should be made within three days, to the League Secretary, in writing, together with a lodgement fee of £1, which may be forfeited subject to the decision of the Executive Committee.



(a) Annually the Individual Merit Competition shall be run as a qualifying competition for the Derbyshire County Crown Green Bowling Association Merit.

(b) All entries must be from bona-fide registered members of affiliated clubs and the entry fee shall be decided at the A.G.M.

(c) Qualifying rounds will be played on neutral greens allocated by the Committee and entrants will be required to report to the greens selected at an agreed time when a referee, appointed by the Committee will make the draw from those present at that time.

Qualifiers from the early rounds will be re-drawn on finals day at a green selected by the Committee who will appoint referees and measurers.




(a) An annual competition shall be organized for the Charity Cup and shall take the form of a handicap competition. (See Competition Rule 3a.)

(b) The entry fee shall be decided at the A.G.M.

(c) Games shall be 21 up.

(d) Initial rounds shall be played on neutral greens allocated by the Executive Committee and referees and measurers shall be provided by the entertaining club.

(e) Qualifiers from the initial rounds shall be re-drawn on the Final Day. The Executive Committee shall decide which green and shall appoint a referee and measurers.

(f) Prizes shall be allocated by the Executive Committee.



(a)  This competition is for the winners of their respective league.­

(b) Players eligible shall have played a minimum of one third of the league games in that division or a lower Division. Exceptional circumstances may be submitted to the Executive/sub committee for consideration.

(c) The Executive Committee will allocate greens for all rounds and also arrange for the handicaps for all teams. First Round matches will be played on the last Thursday in August, the Semi - Finals will be played on the first Thursday in September and the Final will be played on the second Thursday in September.

(d) The result of each match shall be decided on aggregate shots. In the event of a draw, the match will be re -played on the same green on the following Monday and in the event of a further draw, the match will be re-played on the following night.

(e) Winners to hold trophy for one year and keep same in safe and good condition.