Needwood Bowling League

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 Les Ashmole  Mike Boulby Cliff Redshaw 
 7 Mercia Drive, Willington 20 Hollys Road, Yoxall   1 Butts Croft, Alrewas  
Derbyshire, DE65 6DA Burton-on-Trent, DE13 8PZ Burton-on-Trent, DE13 7BE
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  League Cup Competition  
1. The Competition shall be called the Needwood Mixed Veterans League Cup.  
2. Each match will consist of 6 singles games and 3 doubles games. The competition shall  
  be played on handicap lines, the handicap being added to the score when the game is completed.  
  The handicap shall be a variable based on a team's final league position the previous season  
  plus a fixed allowance of X between divisions.  
  Handicaps to be decided at the Annual General Meeting. The format of the cup competition  
  will be decided at the Annual General Meeting and may be a combination of straight  
  knock-out or round robin. Clubs with more than one team are required to squad the players  
  for each team. Teams shall consist of a minimum number of eight players in cup matches.  
3. The early rounds of the cup may be played on a round robin format with the teams split into  
  groups with the winners of each group proceeding through to the final rounds played on a  
  straight knock-out format. All teams will be drawn on an equal basis for each group.  
4. The winner of each round robin group will be determined by the team scoring the highest  
  aggregate for the matches played in the group, if there is a tie in a group then the team  
  with the highest for and against aggregate ratio will be the winner of the group, if there is  
  still a tie in a group then the team with most games won will be the winner of the group.  
5. The result of the knock-out matches will be determined by the side with the highest aggregate,
  if the aggregate is tied then the result will be determined by the side with the highest number of games won.  
6. The matches will be played on neutral greens with a 1:30 pm start and no roll up for the teams.  
7. The Captains will number their Scorecards in bowling order from one to nine before the start of the match.  
8. The Captains will then toss for choice of jacks for odd and even games at the commencement of the match.  
9. Short tapes will be supplied by the playing teams.  
10. A player shall play for only one team in the competition.  
  All players must have played a minimum of one League Game to be eligible to play in the League Cup.  
11. Will Host Clubs please supply long tapes, mats and jacks and ensure that toilet facilities are available.  
12. The supply of teas is at the discretion of the Host Club and is complimentary;  
  players may make a donation if they wish to do so.  
13. The winners of the competition shall hold the trophy for 12 months.