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Rule Changes 2017


The following Rule Chages have been agreed at the AGM.

9a   All teams registered must pay the annual subscription fee.

22.  Match Cards must be signed by both Captains and the Home side must keep the cards till the end of the season.   A fine of £5 may be levied for non compliance.   Match results must be entered on the website by both sides within 5 days.   Penalty for late or incorrect result ~ £5 fine.

23a  Players may only play in the last four scheduled fixtures if they have played in 2 previous league fixtures.   Players may only play for the team they have played the majority of games for.   Players may however be promoted but not relegated.

28.  Replace life threatening wit serious.

Competition Rule 2.  Now reads:-  In Cup matches teams will comprise of eight players, four to play at home and four to play away.   No practise is allowed for away bowlers.   Home bowlers may practice until commencement of match.   Visiting players shall cast the first jack.   The final shall be played by teams of eight players on a neutral green.   In all matches on Neutral greens there will be no practice and a coin will be tossed before the draw to determine which team will have the odds casting the first jack and which will have the evens casting the jack