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Over 60's Doubles Qualifying Round will take place at Colebrook B.C. on Monday September 4th commencing at 11.00 a.m.


Bill Kinchin/Ray Pegg                                     Moseley


John Kiffin/Barry Jennings                              Moseley


John Lea/Brian Rhodes                                  KNEX


Alf Hickey/Peter Eaton                                    KNEX


Owen Beard/Mike Hickey                                KNEX


John Cole/Gordon Thompson                         Solihull BC


Gill Croft/Kirk Wright                                       White Hart


Ken Brown/Mick Perrins                                 White Hart


Les Haylor/Joe Callan                                    College/AG


Tony Toal/John Bishop                                   Woodbourne





Finals ~ Monday 21st August 2017 At 11.00 a.m.at Tanworth in Arden B.C.

With the forecast of rain, the finals got off to an early start with Ron Regan(Moseley C.C.) beating Ken Harvey(Maggies) to 5 and Stevan Green (College AG) beating Kirk Wright (White Hart) 21 - 12.

The Final was a close fought match with Stevan looking to have the advantage at 20 - 18 but Ron pulled one out of the bag to tie the match at 20 - 20 but Ron made the best of a final loose end to take the Title.

Chris Bird thanked Tanworth for the use of their green and yours truly for running the event before presenting the trophy to Ron.




8 pairs qualified for the finals night which was held on a very well prepared green, on a decent night in terms of weather. Once the draw was conducted, we started on time and here are the results from the night's proceedings

1st Round

Lee Harvey/Roger Hill ( Baldwin ) 21

Dan Hickey/Paul Norris ( KNEX ) 8

Sarah Sterland/Ken Harvey ( Maggies ) 21

Mick Perrins/Paul Matthews ( White Hart ) 13

John Bishop/Tony Toal ( Woodbourne ) 4

Neil Harrell/Martyn Batty ( KNEX ) 21

Jamie Carter/Russell Easthope ( Maggies ) 21

Ken Brown/Ray Richards ( White Hart ) 13

Semi Finals

Lee Harvey/Roger Hill ( Baldwin ) 21

Sarah Sterland/Ken Harvey ( Maggies ) 5

Neil Harrell/Martyn Batty ( KNEX ) 20

Jamie Carter/Russell Easthope ( Maggies ) 21


Lee Harvey/Roger Hill ( Baldwin ) 19

Jamie Carter/Russell Easthope ( Maggies ) 21


Well done to all involved, the standard of bowling was superb throughout the evening. Congratulations to Jamie and Russell who successfully defended the title which they won last year at Hall Green BC. Also well done to Lee and Roger who bowled superbly well throughout the night, the final could have gone either way and it was fitting that the final was decided on the very last end of the night, with the light fading fast the final just about got completed.

Many Thanks to Colebrook BC, for staging the event and also thank you to those who supported on the night

Jonathan Griffin

Merit Secretary