Ellesmere Port Bowling League 2018


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Steve McGonagle


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Alan Moss







Proposals for 2018 AGM will appear here once received.


The League Executive met on 31st October to consider the proposals received and add a couple of our own.


To date, we have 3 possible teams wanting to join the Vets leagues, details to be confirmed.

As of 6th January 2018, the only club proceeding with their application to join the Vets league is 

West Kirby Victoria BC, who play on the lower green at Aston Park, West Kirby. 

Heswall RBL wish to enter a further team into the Veterans League. (Division 1 standard)


1. Whitby Park - amend rule 7.5.1, to make pairs games 21 up. (Evening Leagues)

2. Little Sutton - reduce the minimum age for Vets League to 50 years. 

3. Bromborough Social - trial the vets format on a Friday evening for the season, this will enable teams to play with just 6 players or up to 12 if there are players available.

4. Bromborough Social - That the Friday league (Trial for the season) play as one division of 12 teams (or 11) instead of 2 divisions of 5 or 6, this would give players the opportunity to play on different greens throughout the season (instead of the 2 or 3 it feels we play on now) making it more interesting.

5. League Executive - Make Wednesday evening league, Pairs only. Number of players to be decided.  Then do away with the pairs on a Friday evening, leaving that for singles only.

6. League Executive -  Do away with aggregate points in evening leagues. It is hoped that this would encorage teams to play new players, without fear of a low score impacting on the aggregate score.

7. League Executive - remove Vets League Cup and Evening League Cup from the calendar/rules.

8. Veterans League - teams who don't currently play on Monday afternoons, to consider playing on Monday mornings.