Ellesmere Port Bowling League


Secretary/Registrar Chairman Treasurer

Frank Hoey


0151 512 8049


Alan Moss







Proposals for 2018 AGM will appear here once received.


1. Whitby Park - amend rule 7.5.1, to make pairs games 21 up. 

2. Little Sutton - reduce the minimum age for Vets League to 50 years. 

3. Bromborough Social - trial the vets format on a Friday evening for the season, this will enable teams to play with just 6 players or up to 12 if there are players available.




Applications to join the Veterans Leagues for 2017 have been received from Higher Tranmere & Hoylake Central. However, Higher Tranmere have withdrawn their application today, 3 Nov.


The below are not in numerical order for voting.



1.  Little Sutton: Reduce the minimum age for Vets League to 50 years.


2.  Little Sutton: Introduce straight point per winning jack system, no bonus points for aggregate, in all leagues.


3. Little Sutton: Start the season in May and finish in September.


4.  Little Sutton: Introduce a third match on a neutral green instead of the current pairs match.


5.  Little Sutton: Introduce a dedicated pairs league at the end of the main season.


6.  League Exec: Change the scoring system for all leagues, to aggregate only. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw or a variation of this, as decided by

                        League Executive.


7.  League Exec: Amalgamate the Midweek & Friday leagues. Teams can play games Wed or Fri. This will stop us playing the same teams over and over. 

                        Will also create more free dates for cups, competitions, catch up etc.


8.  League Exec: Change this years "failed" cup, to, one cup for the Vets, played in the daytime & one cup for the evening league. All teams entered,

                        handicaps applied. Super Cup final, between the two winners.


9.  Whitby: That any team Captain who turns up knowing they are going to be a Player or Players short, must declare this prior to selecting the order

                of play.


10. Whitby:  That any team Captain knowing that a Player or Players are going to be late, must declares this & in this instance is given a period of                    one hour after the Start of Play for the said Player or Players to turn up.



11. Whitby:  If the Player or Players do not appear within the 1 hour time slot, then their game is void.


12. Woodlands: That the evening leagues adopt the Veterans format.


13. Little Sutton: PLAYER REGISTRATION   6.4 If a player is also registered for a different team the following season, he stays with the first team that he plays for.

ADD NEW RULE - A player, having played for a Club  and who wishes to cancel their registration or transfer to another Club, may do so provided they notify their Club, in writing, on or before December 1st of each year and that their resignation is accepted by the said Club and all financial dues have been paid.




REASON – This doesn’t appear in the E.Port rules and consequently the Club may only learn of a bowler changing clubs is when the season is about to start and if any outstanding monies are owed it may be to late to resolve if they have left. It also gives Clubs an opportunity to assess their playing strength to ensure that league commitments can be met - as Clubs have to resign from the league by 31st December.