The Dudley & District Bowling League 2018

 Updated on Thursday 8th February 2018 by Derek Brookes & Barry Jones


1. a) The name of the league shall be The Dudley and District Bowling League.
b) All games shall be governed by the British Crown Green Association Rules of Bowling.

2. a) The league shall be managed by a Management Committee consisting of: - 1) The President, 2) The Chairman, 3) The Vice-Chairman, 4) The Secretary, 5) The Treasurer, 6) Competition Sec(s), 7) Eight representatives from divisions in the league.
b) From the officers and elected representatives to the Management Committee shall be formed any Sub-Committees considered necessary to administer the league activities viz. 1) Finance, 2) Discipline
c) The Management Committee shall have authority to make any person an ‘Honorary Life Member’ in recognition of his/her outstanding services to the league.
d) One vote only will be allowed per team.
e) Thirty members of a General meeting shall form a quorum.
f) Each officer and each member shall sign an attendance register at every meeting they attend.
g) Any member (or his/her proxy) failing to attend a meeting duly convened in accordance with the rules of the league shall be fined £5.00. Such fine shall be paid within 28 days of the date of the letter requesting it to be paid.
h) Five members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum.

3. a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February of each year when the Honorary Treasurer shall present to the meeting Audited Financial Statement for the preceding year. 
b) A half-yearly meeting shall be held in November of each year if Management consider proposed rule changes warrant a half-yearly meeting. Otherwise business added to the AGM agenda. 
c) The Officers, league auditors and members of the Management Committee will serve for a period of two years and if they have intimated their willingness to stand they shall be eligible for re-election bi-annually.

4. Any proposals for alterations to rules shall be submitted in writing by the Club Secretary to the League Secretary no later than 30th August of each year. The Secretary will notify all clubs of such proposals not less than 14 days prior to the half-yearly meeting. Any such proposal, if duly seconded, will be put to the half-yearly meeting and if carried by the majority of members voting, shall be adopted forthwith.

5. Each team shall be furnished with a copy of the rules and be bound thereby. Any cases of infringement of rules shall be dealt with by the Management Committee.

6. The payment of a single subscription to the Dudley League entitles a member of any club affiliated to the league to play in all divisions of the league for which they are qualified.

7. Except in exceptional circumstances, any club wishing to resign its team or one of its teams from membership of the league, shall give notice in writing to the Secretary not later than the 7th January for the coming season. Clubs resigning after notification of the AGM will be charged the current League Fees for the division from which they are resigning.

8. League representation for Management Committee shall consist of representation from Thursday (four), Ladies (two), Senior Citizens (two). Total eight.

9. Any club wishing to join the league shall submit a formal application in writing to the Secretary by the 7th January for the coming season such application shall be considered at the AGM. Any club making application will be invited to attend the AGM, but will not be allowed to vote on any matter until they have been accepted into the league. Where it can be shown that the new application is a re-formulated side or name change, then the applicant will be placed in the appropriate division.

10 Honorariums for paid officials shall be in line with the current rate of inflation at the time of the meeting and agreed every two years starting in 2019.


1. The league Winners cup shall be called the Dudley and District Challenge Cup Division 1 and Division 2, etc, and shall be presented to the club obtaining the highest number of points in league matches played during the year and held by the winning club until the end of September the following year. If two or more teams have an equal number of points, the winner will be the team with the best average. If two teams tying in League tables affects promotion or relegation then the highest position will be decided by the total result involving the two teams i.e. points, aggregate, team wins, individual winners, away win. The winner of each division average prize will be the player with the most number of wins and in the event of two or more players having the same number of wins the winner will be the player with the best aggregate. In the event of two or more players having the same number of wins and the same aggregate, the winner will be the player with the most number of away wins.

2. a) All matches shall be played in accordance with the fixture list.
b) Each Thursday team shall consist of eight players.
c) Each Ladies team shall consist of six players.
d) Each Senior Citizens team shall consist of six players.
e) All games will be singles and the competitors will be chosen by ballot. Each game will be 21 up.

3. The score of each match will be taken on the aggregate scores. Two points will be awarded for a home win; three points will be awarded for an away win; one point for a home tie and two points will be awarded for an away tie and in addition one point will be awarded for each game won in a match by either team. Under normal circumstances promotions and relegations will be decided on the basis of minimum of two up and a maximum of two down. Under exceptional circumstances when major reorganisation of a division is required with a view to obtaining a balanced programme of games between divisions, then these proposals will be circulated in advance of the half-yearly AGM for consideration these meetings.

4. In the event of any club not playing the full number of players, names to be omitted from the scorecard and W.O. inserted. The defaulting team shall allow their opponents to count 21 – 0 for each missing player, the same to be added to their aggregate score. The player to count 
21 – 10 only in his/her individual league aggregate. Clubs who add false score to missing player/s and it is brought to the Leagues attention by whatever means, then both Clubs involved because both Clubs have signed the sheet as a ‘true record’ will be fined £5.00 each and each will have 5 points deducted.

5. a) Clubs will complete a registration form for the paying-in meeting. Where a club enters more than one team, no player is permitted to take part in more than one game scheduled for the same day, and should it become necessary to bring forward or postpone any of the matches scheduled for the same day, the same ruling shall apply to these particular re-arranged matches as if they had been played on the scheduled day. Contravention of this rule will result in the offending team, in the second match forfeiting the end 21 – 0 and the match result adjusted accordingly. A fine of £5.00 for each end doubling up will apply. 
b) After the commencement of the season additional players may be registered in writing or verbally to the Match Secretary (except as provided in Rule 5C) up to 24 hours prior to the match, no additional fees being required, (does not apply to rearranged matches).
c) No new player registrations will be accepted after 31st July in any year.
d) A player may transfer from one Club to another during the season providing necessary fees have been paid to their original Club. The transfer form is completed by the player requesting the transfer from the Club he is leaving and also the receiving Club. A fee of £5.00 to be paid by the receiving Club. Transfer forms are available from the Secretary. Players can play 24 hours after receipt of the form/acceptance by the Secretary.
e) All Clubs to be affiliated to W & W C B A and pay the necessary fees.

6. a) Thursday matches shall commence not later than 7.00pm. A full draw numbers 1 – 8 shall be made not later than 6:55pm,except for the first two and last two games of the season which are to commence at 6:30pm. Clubs with suitable floodlights indicated in handbook may start first two and last two matches of the season at 7.00pm. Early start at the beginning and end of the season to apply to teams in divisions of 11 or more. Full draw to be made at 6:25pm.
b) Ladies matches shall commence not later than 7:00pm, a full draw of six players shall be made not later than 6:55pm and these matches shall commence not later than 7:00pm, except for the first two and last two games of the season, which are to commence at 6:30pm. Clubs with suitable floodlights indicated in handbook may start first two and last two matches of the season at 7:00pm. Early start at the beginning and end of the season to apply to teams in divisions 11 or more. Full draw to be made at 6:25pm.
c) Senior Citizens Division matches shall commence not later than 1:30pm and a full draw of six players shall be made not later than 1:25pm. Morning matches to commence at 10:30am, draw at 10:25am.
d) Not less than three or four games according to size of green shall be played simultaneously. The Management Committee will decide the size of greens and this will be indicated in the Fixture book.
e) A full ordered, numbered, draw to be made at times indicated in Rules 6a, 6b & 6c, by the Captains placing the ordered numbered cards face down on the opposing teams numbered cards, this being the order of play. Players drawn and present when called are not allowed to be substituted (unless on medical grounds or emergency conditions with the agreement of both Captains). Should a player/s not be present when called, substitution allowed. Green to be fully occupied as Rule 6d). Players/Substitutes not present Rule 4 applies.
f) An unregistered player is not allowed to count any score in the game will forfeit the game 21 – 0 to their opponent (21 – 10 for individual averages) and the match result adjusted accordingly. A fine of £10.00 for each unregistered player will be made irrespectively of whether the player wins or loses. The fine to be paid within 28 days from the date of letter requesting it.
g) No visiting player may play in a club or league match if he is also a member of the Home team club (unless given prior consent by the Home club and such consent to be obtained not less than 48 hours before the starting time of the match). This rule also applies to Cup Competitions.

7. No practice by any player of the visiting team shall be allowed on the Home green on the day of the match. Visiting players to have the jack for the first end in all games.

8. The Home team shall provide three or four Crown Green Standard Association jacks complying with the laws of the game.

9. a) If there is doubt regarding a green being un-playable because of water following the woods, both captains shall test the green by casting the jack and wood at the starting time for the match (set out in paragraph 6). If the green is considered by both captains to be playable the game shall commence forthwith. If the green is deemed to be un-playable by both captains, or if an agreement cannot be reached both captains shall test the green again half an hour after the starting time (set out in paragraph 6), when the captains shall have the power to abandon the match. 
b) Every effort should be made to fulfil the fixtures in accordance with the fixture list but in the event of any team being prevented from fulfilling a fixture due to holidays, the secretary of that team shall contact the secretary of the opposing team not less than 3 days before the date of the fixture (any less will incur a £10 fine) with a view to rearranging the match on a date mutually agreed between the secretaries concerned. Late cancellations due to bereavement will not be subject to the 3 day rule.

c) In the event of a team not turning up for a match, or cancelling the A team match in lieu of a B team match, the defaulting team to have five points (four for Ladies and four for Senior Citizens) deducted plus a fine of £2.00 per player. Cancelled matches must be rearranged and played, forfeiture of a match is not allowed irrespective of the number of players available. If a club has more than one team and has to cancel a fixture for any reason the club must not cancel the ‘A’ team fixture and play the ‘B’ team fixture scheduled for the same day. The same applies to Clubs with C & D teams. The ‘A’ team fixture must always have priority. The ‘A’ team of a club will be the team in the highest division. Irrespective of the days ruling in which to play a match, all matches must be played by the end of the respective division’s season. Failure to do so will result in £10.00 fine for each team. Recommended guide lines in the event of cancelled / rained off matches can be found in the handbook.

d) Cancelled matches under Rules 9a, 9b or 9c should all be arranged and played within 28 days. Failure to do so will entail a £10 per week or part thereof fine for both teams until the match is played. The Match Secretary must be notified of all match cancellations for whatever reason by a Representative of the team cancelling the match with the rearranged date if possible. Failure to notify a match cancellation within 7 days of the match date and/or the eventual agreed rearranged date will result in a fine of £5.00. 

10. Games to be ‘straight off’ and 21 up.

11. Match cards. Whilst this rule does not state how match cards are supplied, in keeping with eletronic means, the match cards will now be on the website as a download item. The Captain or Secretary of the Home team and the Captain or Secretary of the Away team shall after each match complete the scorecard with First name and Surname of players, sign it and have it countersigned by the Captain or Secretary of the visiting team. The match result will be forwarded by the Online scoring method only. For the Online scoring method, the away team shall verify the scores by accessing the Online system. If an error is detected the Match Secretary to be contacted if both teams cannot sort it out. Result to be forwarded not later than day following match. Failure to comply with this rule will render the offending team liable to a fine of £10.00 such fine to be paid within 28 days from the date of the letter requested it.

12. Any club, team or player winning a trophy shall return it to the League Secretary when requested. Any club, team or player failing to comply with this rule will be liable to a fine of £25.00 or other such sum to be determined by the Management Committee. The club will be responsible for all Trophies won by any player from that club. Cups/Trophies returned in unsatisfactory/dirty/damaged condition to be fined £20.00 for each such state. Clubs losing Cups/Trophies including Merit Trophies to be responsible for the replacement with an equivalent type/value including all history of which the League has records.

13. Any matters arising for which no provision has been made in the forgoing rules shall be brought before the Management Committee whose decision shall be final.

14. All clubs shall allow their green to be used by the league for official purposes unless there are any extenuating circumstances.

15. Any complaint against an individual or team must be made in writing by Club Secretary to the League Secretary within seven days of the event taking place,  together with a fee of £10.00 setting out precisely the reasons for the complaint. The matter will then be considered by the Management Committee who shall call any evidence they may require before giving their decision. The fee will be returned if the complaint is upheld. Any individual or Club aggrieved by the Management Committee decision have the right to appeal to the relevant County body.The minimum fine for players found guilty of abusive/violent behaviour or similar is suspension for two weeks and £10.00 fine. 

16. To be eligible to play in the Senior Citizens’ division or competitions a person must have attained the age of 60 years. Proof of age may be required.

17 All Fines including monetary charges must be paid within 28 days of letter requesting the fine. Failure to comply after 28 days will result in the fine being doubled and so on for each 28days fine is outstanding.

18. Removed see Rule 11. 

19. In all League / Qualifying Rounds of Competitions the wearing of shorts is allowed. In finals of competitions (excluding Juniors ) Dress code will be adhered to. (see Handbook)

20. Should a Club feel sufficiently aggrieved by an event in the League that requires the calling of an EGM then the Club concerned must have the support of five other Clubs in writing before an EGM will be called. The Secretary will call such a meeting within 28 days of receiving the request, giving delegates not less seven days notice of such a meeting. No other business is allowed at this meeting other than the requested item. The £20.00 deposited with the League for calling the meeting which will be refunded if the request is upheld.


1 Herald Cup – 8 a side, 4 home & 4 away basis, Team with highest score over h & a are winners start time 7.00pm (light permitting)

2. Ladies Handicap Cup – 6 a side played on neutral greens. Handicap Div 1 Teams 0-6 = 0, 
7-12 =+6, Div 2 Teams 0-6 +12, 7-12 +18 (basing on 24 teams.) start time 7.00pm (light permitting) 

3 Senior Citizens Challenge Cup – 6 a side played on neutral greens, start time 1.00pm 

Common Rules 
a All games 21 up 

b In the event of a tie the game will be awarded to the team with the most winners , If wins are equal then the team with the best winner is awarded match. If best winners are equal then team with next best winners and so on until a winner is found is awarded the match 

c Open to Dudley League Club teams only and each team shall consist of league registered players. Where a club enters more than one team a player will be allowed to play for one team only and players are squaded. The dates when each round, semi-final and final will be played

will be indicated in the handbook and all competing teams must conform to these dates as no alterations to the dates will be considered. Provision will be made for clubs entering more than one team.

d. In the event of a match not being played or not being completed due to inclement weather, the respective Secretaries or Captains of each team must fix a date for the match to be played, such date must be within seven days of the original date. Should any of the greens on which the match is to be played not be available on the new agreed date, the respective Secretaries or Captains must notify the respective Competition Secretary immediately. Should the respective Secretaries or Captains fail to agree a new date they must notify the respective Competition Secretary not less than five days after the scheduled match day and if one or both teams fail to comply with this rule they will be eliminated from the competition. 

e. Should any team fail to fulfil any scheduled match, they will be eliminated from the competition. 

f Playing order for games in accordance with League Rule 6e including substitutes 

g. Not less than seven days before the date of the final each finalist team will send to the Competition Secretary a list of the team numbered in playing order together with name(s) of the reserve(s). Substitutes allowed as per Rule 6e. 
h The Result of the match to be communicated by the Winners using the online scoring system immediately after the Match 


1. League registered players only may participate in these competitions.

2. Entrance fees for all the League Competitions shall be fixed by The League Management Committee. 

3. To be eligible to play in Junior Competitions players shall not have reached the age of 18 years on 1st January in the year of the competition.

4. In the Doubles / Triples Competition players can be from different clubs. In the event of a player having a medical condition for the Final, then a substitute may be allowed subject to approval of Competition Secretary and two League Officials. Player chosen must not have played in Q R. Any possible change to be notified 4 days before the Final. Only one player may be substituted in qualifying round, matches must be played on green drawn.

5. All competitors will play on neutral greens, number of greens for the qualifying rounds to be determined according to the number of entries. Number of qualifiers from each green to be decided by the Competition Secretaries who may also arrange sub-finals if considered necessary.

6. Two competing players will be appointed by the Competition Secretaries to take charge of each green in the qualifying rounds and their decision on all matters of dispute which may arise will be final. 

7. All rounds, up to and including the semi-final, will be 18 up, final will be 21 up or as otherwise decided by the Referee who will be appointed by the League Management Committee. In the case of the Senior Citizens all rounds up to and including the semi-final will be 18 up, the Final will be 21 up.

8. In competitions where there is an entry fee, the League will retain 5% of the entry fee for administration.

9. Should any qualifier not inform the Competition Secretary that he/she/they have qualified within three days after the date of the qualifying round he/she/they may be eliminated from the competition.

10. Players participating in singles/doubles/triples competitions who are drawn on their Home green to advise Competition Secretary who will allocate a further green. Players who knowingly play on their Home green and qualify for further stages of the competition will be disqualified.

11. No substitutes allowed for players missing in Individual Merit finals in any of the above mentioned competitions.

12. Ladies Doubles Competitions will be split into two sections, Div 1 & Div 2. Players from Div 2 may enter Div 1 Competitions, but not visa versa. Qualifying Rounds/Finals will be played on the same nights for each section. Finals being held on a common green.

13. The League will support Ladies, Men’s & Senior Citizens Merit (1) subject to achieving entry level to that in 2004 (£20, £30, £10).

14. If a team in any competition fails to notify host club, opponents or Competition Secretary that they are forfeiting the match then they will be fined £10.00 for each item. 

15 In all Merit Competitions, players who qualify for Finals and do not turn up for the Final without a valid reason (holidays excluded ) will not be allowed to take part in that particular event in the following year. 

16 In the Junior/Adult Doubles any combination of gender allowed providing the Junior has the 
Qualifying age as in Rule 3 above. 

Smoking, the use of Electronic Cigarettes, Mobile Phones are not allowed whilst participating on the green, in the game of Crown Green Bowling. In the case of an offence, match awarded to non offending player with a maximum score and no further score to the offending player.