The Dudley & District Bowling League

Friday 26th May at 6.45 pm

Dudley Sports

P Jones, Coombs Wood ***

P Mutimer, Coombs Wood ***

J Webster, Laurels

S Perry, Sedgley Ex Services

B Perry, Sedgley Ex Services

J Townsend, Sedgley Ex Services

M Padgett, Cradley Sports

K Lang, Royal Oak


P Dobson, Glasscutters ***

L Morgan, Glasscutters ***

R Cochran, Kingswindford Cons

L Smith, Coombs Wood

J Hayter, Coombs Wood

V Limbert, Sedgley Ex Services

C Webb, Sedgley Ex Services

G Davies, Laurels

R Deakin, Old Cross


*** In Charge, their decision is final.  Four to qualify from each green.  Please notify Joan Taylor of winners.

Host greens, please provide jacks and toilet facilities.  Thank you.