Division 1 and Champion of Champions BES

Division 2 Trent Trophies

Division 3 Burton Bowls Centre

Division 4 Lamb Inn

League Averages Home Diggas Skip Hire

League Averages Away Alpine Taxis

League Averages Combined Anglesey Arms Winshill

Charity Cup Washlands Sports Club

Individual Merit Metrolux Bowls

Doubles Merit

W.R. Cooper Cup

Burton and District

Chairman Association Secretary League Secretary Treasurer
 Martin Drury Andy Roberts  Ian Wallis  Malcolm Cheese
28 Beech Lane, Stretton 105 Hawthorn Crescent, Stapenhill Flat 20, Elizabeth Court, Brough Road, 80 Nelson Street, Winshill
Burton-on-Trent DE13 0DX Burton-on-Trent DE15 9QN Winshill, Burton-on-Trent DE15 0EG Burton-on-Trent DE15 0DE
Tel 01283 544072 - Mob 07831 169754 Tel 01283 541063 - Mob 07929 428425 Tel 01283 515855 - Mob 07934 896742 Tel 01283 536588 - Mob 07963 829735
 Email martin.drury@bes-online.com Email andyburtonbowls@sky.com Email burtonbowls@btconnect.com Email malcolm.cheese@sky.com  
  1 The league shall operate under the Rules of the Burton & District Association and League except as listed below.  
  2 Entry to the League shall be confined to Clubs and players registered with the Burton & District Bowls Association &  
    Burton & District Ladies Bowls Association.  
  3 Finance shall be obtained by a match fee per player as determined at the Annual General Meeting. However no monetary  
    prizes shall be awarded. League and Cup winners shall, up to amaximum of ten per team, receive non-monetary prizes.  
  4 Teams in the League shall be as far as possible be split into equaldivisions with a maximum of 10 teams per division,  
    with two teams per division promoted and relegated each year.  
    New teams will be entered into the lowest division.  
  5 Teams shall consist of 9 players, of whom none shall be currently playing in Division One in the Burton Saturday League  
    or the Burton Ladies League.  
    Clubs having teams in more than one division shall nominate three of their best players for each team except the lowest.  
    Any other players shall be considered nominated if they have a plus average at any time after three matches.  
    Mode of interpretation:- Any player, other than the three nominated players, who has a zero or minus average is eligible  
    to play for the club in the lower division.  
    Teams failing to field a minimum of seven players shall leave their club liable to a £10 fine.  
    Results shall be reckoned on the same basis as the Burton & District League.  
    No County Players other than juniors to play in the lower divisions.  
  6 Matches shall be played on Wednesday and shall start no later than 6-30 pm. 15 minutes practice shall be allowed  
    to the visitors. The home team to give way.  
  7 Before the commencement of the match the Captains or Vice Captains shall draw all nine cards and number them 1-9  
    to determine the order of play. Matches shall begin with no less than four ends on the green except by arrangement  
    of the two captains before the start no less than three ends shall be on the green, and this shall be maintained throughout.  
  8 Result sheets or notice of re-arrangement shall be in the hands of the Midweek League Secretary no later than the Monday  
    following the week in which the match was scheduled, defaulters to be subject to a £2 fine.  
    Result sheets sent in with either club or players names missing, the home team will be fined £10 and the offending team  
    fined £2 per missing player’s name.  
  9 The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held in the first week in November each year.  
  10 Any matter arising that is not covered by these rules shall be covered by the rules of the Association and the BGCBA.  
  11 Teams for the forth-coming season to be registered with the Secretary by the 31st December.